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Meghan Markle FAILS Hollywood Test: ‘Coddled Under-Performer’

Meghan Markle just made another attempt at conquering Hollywood. But her Tinsel Town test, albeit worthy of a big-time Hollywood player, failed.

Find out exactly what the Duchess of Sussex got wrong. And keep reading to discover how Meghan’s hubby Prince Harry faces a real problem when it comes to figuring out the next step in his career.

Meghan Markle Shows Up Uninvited In Hollywood

The Duchess of Sussex recently went uninvited to a major Hollywood event. And Meghan Markle timed her appearance in a way that showed how and why her attempts at fame flop.

For a real test of how Hollywood perceives someone, watch what happens when they believe that they don’t need an invitation to receive a warm welcome on the red carpet. 

Meghan Markle FAILS Hollywood Test: ‘Coddled Under-Performer’

And while Meghan may see herself as a serious Hollywood power player who doesn’t require an invitation to a Hollywood event, apparently no one in Tinsel Town shares her views. As a result, both the Duchess of Sussex and Duke of Sussex face a perception problem, pointed out the News.

But Meghan and Harry also must find a new type of project. Because thus far, they either use their projects to bash the royal family (for example, Harry’s memoir) or highlight their own interests (for instance, the Duchess of Sussex’s podcast). As a result, Meghan appearing uninvited at the Variety event represented her attempt to give herself a makeover as an entertainment “power player in her own right,” say experts.

But the Duchess of Sussex ignoring her exclusion from the official guest list reflects her “calculated attempt to mute persistent rumors that Netflix is planning to ‘quietly allow’ its $100 million deal with the Sussexes to lapse when their contract ends in 2025.” However, the rumors have soared rather than become muted.

Meghan Markle Seen As ‘Over-Coddled Under-Performer’

And some might see it as pitiful that Meghan truly thought appearing at a Hollywood event would transform her image from that as an “over-coddled under-performer.” However, the Duchess of Sussex showing up uninvited also does disservice to the fact that just a few years ago, she officially represented the British royal family. 

And an insider at a Hollywood studio spilled, “The truth is that a lot of people think the couple have blown it. In Hollywood, Harry is viewed as someone stuck in the past and consumed by grudges. Meghan is still able to get a lot of attention,” admitted the source. “But the challenge for her now is about translating that attention into cold, hard cash.”

However, Harry and Meghan actually face different problems. Because the Duke of Sussex still retains his royal family connection, he could conceivably find a way to persuade them to open the Palace door to a return. But can Meghan find her own way to a project that doesn’t involve slamming the royal family? And what would Harry’s role become if the two did go completely different ways in their professional lives?

Tell us what you think. Do you believe that calling Prince Harry and Meghan Markle “coddled under-performers” seems fair? And after you share your views, check back on our site for more royal family news.

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  1. Jeannie says

    Meghan Markel does not represent the United States, Harry does not represent the British Monarchy, they are attention seeking trash as far as I’m concerned and as for Scooby, hestotalky irrelevant.

  2. Joyce says

    Calling them “coddled under-performers” Is putting it nicely. I think they are spoiled brats who think that they’re the greatest things to happen to Hollywood. Meghan has no talent, otherwise she would have gotten parts by now. She thinks the Duchess title alone should make her great. She should have been escorted off the premises at that Variety awards. Letting her stay validates that it’s alright to be there.

    1. ginger says

      You’re 100 percent correct. No invite means no entry.

    2. Marlene says

      You are totally very right

    3. Just123 says

      ITA!! Those two grifters have no shame!!

  3. Dottie B. says

    Harry would never be doing these things if it wasn’t Meghan pushing him on. She wants something she isn’t able to obtain on her own. She thinks that Harry has enough public appeal to get her where she wants to go. Sorry Meghan, you do not have the power to move in those circles yourself, and Harry doesn’t either. Be happy with what you have…a wonderful husband, great kids, and a life many of us dream of having. You are so very blessed, but you can’t seem to see it. God Bless you all.

    1. Marlene says

      Totally you are too right but Meghan is a dreamer and will never be satisfied of what she got she wants more

    2. Just123 says

      I agree 100%. IMO I think they believed that trashing the Royal family would get them where they wanted to be. And possible it ‘might’ have helped, but it didn’t take long to realize how much of the trashing was pure lies. It seems that lying is their greatest talent!! Like their “near death” experience in NY that everyone immediately was a figment of their imagination.

      I have all along felt that they can’t be trusted. It they would trash and throw their own immediate families under the bus …… well, the lies along with all of their other stunts must have been an eye opener to what their true character is!!

    3. Constance King says

      You are so right before he married her he wasn’t bashing his family The mistake was letting her in the family now you got a mess going on Harry made his biggest mistake leaving his family she was planning on doing what getting him to marry but in the end it’s gonna bite him in his ass always that 3rd party

  4. Lulu says

    ENOUGH!!!!!!! They are both losers!!! You do not take on an institution that spands centuries of rule!!! They are so petty!! Boring, children!! They
    Are evil!!!

  5. Marina says

    Harry and Meghan should start at the bottom: each a job at McDonalds! I feel sorry for Harry for having fallen for Meghan, and I plain dislike Meghan for cunning and scheming!!

  6. Shelly says

    Megan us a want to be “star” she needs to face the fact she is “nothing” by a suitcase open girl from back in the day. She will never be a STAR! And she’s destroying poor Harry’s life! But also he’s letting her!!

  7. Rene says

    Funny how your hate for this woman is your entire life. They call her son an abomination and said he should be put down called him a chimpanze called it just joking and on one said a word. I couldn’t believe in this day and age people are still this dumb and empty.she has children yo feed and nurture say what you must but for god sake be fair

    1. Just123 says

      I’m curious as to where you are getting your information?? Most people base their feelings on what they have actually witnessed these two narcissists doing.

  8. Mandi says

    Meghan and Harry,
    You are so blessed. Hate, jealous, negative thoughts and evil can roar, YET GOD’ favor follows you whereever you are. Carry on doing good without fear. Praying for you.

  9. Diane Pingleton says

    Megan is a “has been” actress, and a “has been” royal. She needs to just let it all go and accept that she blew it. Harry also blew it by letting Megan wear the pants in the family. They left royalty to be private and since, are anything but private. They crave fame. They crave power. People have finally seen them for what they are, ego driven narcissistic couple.

    1. Just123 says

      Well said!!

  10. Teresa says

    2 people barely treading water trying to stay relevant. It’s not enough she don’t speak or claim her own family, they continue to create so much distrust with his family as well. Most of the royals do not want to be around them cuz they may be quoted in some talk show or book just so H&M can make a buck off them. The King needs to strip them of all titles and any hierarchy to the throne. Be done with this constant circus.

    1. Just123 says


  11. Affranchimar says

    This woman is delusional she truly believes that her courtesy royal title allows to “Whant Meghan Wants Meghan Gets”.Without acknowledging she is a laughing stock of America.

    1. Just123 says

      . Seems she and Harry think Americans are dumb and don’t see through their lies and stunts.

  12. Betty says

    I really think they have blew it this time. Harry, Megan and Scoble are all liars. There’s no way Scobie knew the,two names unless Megan either showed,him the,letter or she sent him a copy. Also he named them in the books in Holland. The two who translated them had no way of knowing about Charles and Kate. This is,an orcestrated effort of these 3 vile people to destroy the Monarcy and RF. Something needs to be done,because their not going to stop.

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