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Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Open Doors For A Disney Collaboration

Come 2025 and Prince Harry and Meghan’s lucrative contract with Netflix will expire, and according to sources, there’s no plan on either side to renew it.

So Harry and Meghan will have to find new ways to make their millions moving on, and already, there’s reports they’re eyeing Disney for a major project.

Prince Harry’s Invictus Documentary Gets Added To Disney’s Hulu

Prince Harry’s Invictus docuseries may have underperformed at Netflix, but the Duke is giving it another chance to reach and thrill a global audience by releasing the second part on Disney’s streaming service, Hulu.

Since their deal with Netflix is coming to an end, this has led to speculations that they mean to sign a contract with Disney similar to the one they once enjoyed with Netflix.

Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Open Doors For A Disney Collaboration

For example, Meghan has found a new home with Lemonada to produce her podcasts after Spotify cut ties with them shortly after “Archetypes” was released.

In the newly released documentary, Harry, like all his projects before, brought to light his relationship with his father and brother. Because, what’s a documentary without some controversy, ay?

Weighing in on Harry’s latest documentary and how it surprisingly won’t be streaming on Netflix, Lynn Carratt from Press Box PR noted how the move caused controversies and gave birth to speculations.

“It’s worth noting that Hulu is only available for streaming in the USA and not the UK and it’s likely that the documentary was a pre-requisite of the ABC interview he did with Good Morning America during The Invictus Games One Year to Event and Harry has signed a release to allow them to put this documentary together. After all it is good PR for the Invictus Games,” Lynn went on.

With the amount of money Netflix spent signing Harry and Meghan to produce content for the platform, Lynn pointed out that Harry and Hulu “would have had to run this by Netflix before making it – they’ll be also all kinds of clauses to jump through in a contract of that magnitude.”

“It’s also worth mentioning that Netflix previously streamed Prince Harry’s Heart of Invictus documentary last year, which did not perform well in terms of streaming figures,” Lynn told The Mirror, adding how it failed to make Netflix’s top 10 list, “so it is likely that Netflix had the first refusal on the documentary and they’ve passed on. As they are currently focusing on the film Meet Me at the Lake, that Harry and Meghan are producing.”

In conclusion, Lynn said: “However, this does now blow the speculation wide open that when their $80 million contract with Netflix ends in early 2025, will they be planning a move to Disney who own Hulu?”

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    No one cares about what these two have to say. They wanted PRIVACY, so stop doing podcasts, movies, etc. go home and stay behind closed doors. Two narcissists.

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    I believe the definition Spotify labeled them 100% accurate “f***** grifters nailed them completely correct.

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