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Prince Harry And Meghan’s Last Hope—Move To Canada

British royal family news shows that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry lead with their mouths, but critics aren’t buying what they’re selling.

PR pro Laura Perkes is the latest authority to launch an opinion of the “grifters” and it’s not what the Markles want to hear. Read on to learn what this expert thinks of the royal traitors.

Royal Family News- Harry & Meghan Unconvincing

Perkes told The Mirror that the terrible twosome “have built a reputation that they’re never going to be able to run away from, therefore the media and the public are always going to have a perception of the couple and the intention behind the decisions they make.”

Royal Family News – Harry & Meghan’s Reputation

According to Perkes the couple come off as “calculated.” She sees them as wanting to “give the illusion that they’re living by their organization’s tagline: leading the way with compassion, but the public and the media don’t buy it. They always seem to try too hard and then miss the mark.” Oh my.

Prince Harry And Meghan’s Lost Hope—Move To Canada

Royal Family News – The Markle Screed

Take the Sussexes’ Halloween jaunt for example. Instead of treating it as the normal American ritual recreated it is, Perkes thinks that the parents of two used their kids’ trick or treating like cheap photo op … a PR stunt in disguise. It’s the image they want to portray.”

Royal Family News – H & M’s Agenda

She added that there is an uncomfortable hypocrisy around the Markles. They allegedly stepped down as working royals to fade away from media attention, but they “want their ‘normal family life’ captured by photographers, no doubt to achieve more positive publicity.” Why go to all the fuss? Perkes believes the Sussex brand is badly frayed and hanging by a thread.

Royal Family News – Markles’ Credibility Problem

Perkes is no alone in her disdain for the traitors. Pundit Candace Owens suggests that the best chance the Markles have for a comeback is to move to Canada.

Owens told GB News “I’m a big believer that this issue can only be solved if they agree to move to Canada. I don’t think that either America or the U.K. should have to put up with this any longer.”

‘This’ apparently being the dog and pony show that has earned them the nickname “grifters.” Does even Canada want these todgy two—and what about Harry’s propensity for frostbite?

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    The insert Royal Family News. The Marlkl Screed.with Prince & Markle standing together, the front of Harry’s hair is looking frightening like Donald Trumps? Any thoughts?

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