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Prince Harry Has Invited Himself Back To England

Prince Harry could act a little less excited about King Charles’ cancer diagnosis.  But, the Duke of Sussex has been booking Good Morning America interviews and singing like a canary to anyone who will listen about the Royal Family’s current health battles. 

In fact, Prince Harry thinks that King Charles’ cancer news is his key back in to the Royal fold, whether they want him there or not.

Prince Harry Headed Back To London

Prince Harry took the stage on Good Morning America just days after visiting King Charles in London, and he seems to have changed his tune. 

Since Prince Harry married Meghan Markle, every time he went on the record he had nothing nice to say about his family. 

Prince Harry Has Invited Himself Back To England

Now that his father is getting treated for cancer, the Duke of Sussex seems to be on a mission to get back in to the Royal Family.

While on GMA, Harry told Hoda Kotb that he hoped King Charles’ cancer diagnosis would “unify the family” again.  That’s an interesting choice of words considering Prince Harry is the one who “un-unified” himself. 

Let’s not forget that at the end of the day, Harry and Meghan are the ones who left London and essentially declared war on his relatives in the media.

Has anyone asked the Royal Family if they want to be “unified” with Harry and Meghan Markle again?  Multiple sources have reported that when Prince Harry was in London, his father’s aides cut his visit down to less than an hour and wouldn’t even let Harry set foot on the grounds.

Is Prince Harry Allowed At The Palace?

Despite the less than warm welcome, Prince Harry says he is planning another trip to London and this time he wants to bring his kids too. 

Perhaps Harry thinks if he shows up next time with Lilibet and Archie, he may not be forced to sleep in a hotel rather than his family’s property?

Is Prince Harry wasting his time, has too much damage been done?  Are any of the Royal Family members even interested in burying the hatchet with him at this point? 

Let us know what you think in the comments below and keep checking back here for more Royal Family news and updates.

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  1. Betty says

    Sorry man child you are no longer wanted or needed. Your ship has sailed and sunk.and remember,next time before,you go call and,make an appointment. You know the protocal or you may not get in at all. Your father don t need your drama or 20 questions for you to take back to the states to sell or write another book. Better yet do a video call.

  2. Linda Bears says

    I think ‘the feud’ will wear on the King and that all need to chill out. It takes two to feud this long and it has to be tiring. A man with cancer needs to be supported.. He doesn’t need to be refereeing warring children.

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