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Prince Harry Praises Marijuana And Psychedelic Drugs Benefits!

Royal family members don’t typically discuss drug use in public. But Prince Harry abandoned any and all attempts at following royal family protocol months ago. And in a recent interview, the Duke of Sussex openly gushed about the benefits he found in using marijuana and psychedelic drugs.

Learn what Harry shared about his drug use. And discover how he denied feeling like a victim. Get all the details below.

Prince Harry – Gushes Over Marijuana And Psychedelics

In a live-stream meeting with physician and author Dr. Gabor Maté, Prince Harry gushed about his use of drugs. And the Duke of Sussex admitted to experiments with everything from cocaine to marijuana. However, Harry shared that cocaine “didn’t do anything for me,” according to Yahoo.

But marijuana proved “different,” added the Duke of Sussex. It “actually did really help me.” And Harry described using psychedelic drugs as comparable to the “cleaning of a windshield.” Because psychedelics “remove life’s filters,” the Duke of Sussex experienced “a sense of relaxation, release, comfort ― a lightness.” And Harry admitted starting as a recreational drug user.

Prince Harry Praises Marijuana And Psychedelic Drugs Benefits!

But then he “started to realize how good it was for me. I would say that it is one of the fundamental parts of my life that changed me.” And in his book, the Duke of Sussex also praised psychedelics. “They didn’t simply allow me to escape reality for a while, they let me redefine reality. Under the influence of these substances I was able to let go of rigid pre-concepts,” added Harry. “To see that there was another world beyond my heavily filtered senses, a world that was equally real and doubly beautiful. There was only truth.”

Prince Harry – Denies Playing Victim Role

The Duke of Sussex also used the live-stream discussion to address accusations that Harry portrays himself as a victim. “I certainly don’t see myself as a victim,” claimed Harry. And he expressed gratitude for the ability to “share my story.”

However, the Duke of Sussex sought to discount the theory that he longs for sympathy. And Harry asserted, “I do not and I have never looked for sympathy in this.” But then he complained about always feeling “slightly different to the rest of my family” during his life starting in childhood. 

“I felt strange being in this container,” said Harry about his life. “I know that my mum felt the same. And so it makes sense to me. I felt as though my body was in there,” added the Duke of Sussex. “But my head was out. And then sometimes it was vice versa.”

However, Harry also discussed his experience doing military service in Afghanistan. And he explained why “many people in the United Kingdom were not supportive of our troops. Because they assumed that everybody that was serving was for the war. But no, you, once you sign up, you do what you’re told to do. So, there was a lot of us that didn’t necessarily agree or disagree. But you were doing what you were trained to do,” added Harry. 

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