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Prince Harry Throws Shade At Camilla, Angry King Charles Reacts!

Royal family news reveal Prince Harry antagonizing his father King Charles even more. And the Duke of Sussex has done so by repeatedly mocking his stepmother Camilla. However, Harry may have gone too far for his own good. 

And some insiders claim that Harry’s and Meghan Markle’s eviction from Frogmore Cottage stems from all that shade. Learn how the Duke of Sussex dissed his stepmother. And discover below how that shade may have prompted King Charles to evict his son. 

Prince Harry Mocks Stepmom Camilla!

Prince Harry has shown a talent for contradicting himself. And the Duke of Sussex did so in a lengthy interview for Good Morning America. Harry focused on his relationship with Queen Consort Camilla, who tied the knot with King Charles in 2005. And he began by seeming neutral.

“We haven’t spoken for a long time. I love every member of my family. When we see each other, we’re perfectly pleasant with each other. She’s my stepmother,” stated Prince Harry via OK magazine.

Prince Harry Throws Shade At Camilla, Angry King Charles Reacts!

However, the 38-year-old then insisted that he doesn’t view Camilla “as an evil stepmother.” But he turned around and mocked his stepmother. “I see her as someone who married into this institution and has done everything she can to improve her own reputation and own image for her own sake,” announced the Duke of Sussex about Camilla.

Prince Harry Views Camilla As A ‘Dangerous Villain’

Other interviews have shown the Duke of Sussex proclaiming his stepmother as the villain. And he also explained why he sees Camilla as dangerous. But Harry sought to defend his views.

“I even wanted Camilla to be happy. Maybe she’d be less dangerous if she was happy,” mused Harry. And he explained that he views her as “dangerous” because she constantly feels “the need for her to rehabilitate her image.” However, the Duke of Sussex also expressed concern over “the connections that she was forging within the British press. And there was open willingness on both sides to trade off information,” added Harry.

But all that shade sparked the wrath of King Charles, insiders told Radar. And the mocking interviews coupled with Harry’s memoir accusations made Charles decide to evict his son. For instance, in one interview, Harry claimed that both he and his brother Prince William believed Camilla would “cause more harm than good.”

As a result, King Charles felt Harry had gone too far. And insiders shared, “It was the last straw. Harry was well aware how Camilla would be a red line for his father. And he crossed with flagrant disregard anyway.” Because Harry committed “the ultimate act of disrespect,” Charles evicted his son and Meghan Markle.

And it felt “like ripping off a Band-Aid,” said one palace insider about the King booting Harry from the cottage. “Painful” for both, added the insider. “But once it’s done, it’s done.” However, Charles then offered Frogmore Cottage to his brother Prince Andrew. But Andrew aims to resist pressure to “downgrade” from his spacious Royal Lodge.

Tell us what you think. How do you feel about Prince Harry throwing shade at Camilla? And after you share your views, check back on our site for more royal family news.

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  1. Ann Blalock says

    Camilla deserves shade. Her scandalous behavior cheating on her husband and Diana cannot be forgotten or forgiven. Charles of course is the real villain, but Camilla was despicable.

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