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Prince Harry’s Alleged Infidelity Scandal During Overseas Trip

Everyone has an opinion about these two trashy traitors. Lady Colin Campbell claims she has heard a Markle divorce is “100%” happening, and now one expert has a shocking suggestion as to how Harry can get his allegedly rocky marriage on track.

Read on to find out what the jaw dropping suggestion one royal watcher has for Harry while he’s day tripping in Europe.

Royal Family News: The Cure For Harry & Meghan’s Woes, an “Affair” During Overseas Break?

British royal family news divulges that Prince Harry taking a solo European jaunt while his wife Meghan Markle stays home has tongues wagging.

The last few weeks have seen the once inseparable couple deliberately doing their own thing, and pundits noticed.

Prince Harry's Alleged Infidelity Scandal During Overseas Trip.

Royal Family News: Harry’s Unconventional Life

Celeb Tattler reports that “Relationship expert Jessica Leoni, who works with Illicit Encounters, a website catering to individuals seeking affairs” proposes “that an affair could potentially offer a unique perspective for the Duke of Sussex.” Bet you didn’t see that one coming.

Apparently Leoni “argues that affairs can sometimes serve as a catalyst for self-reflection within a marriage.”

Royal Family News: Should Harry Have an Affair?

We are in no way suggesting that Harry or Meghan be unfaithful to one another. It is Leoni who told the Daily Star that “affairs can … help revitalize” a marriage, suggesting that “an affair might compel Prince Harry to introspect and address underlying issues in his relationship with Meghan Markle.”

It is an unconventional approach to be sure. But, Leoni buttresses her argument by reminding us that it is Prince Harold who has nattered on about his “commitment to personal growth and understanding his own mind, and an affair could be viewed as another tool in his journey of self-discovery.”

Royal Family News: Harry & Meghan Apart

Leoni is not giving up on her advice, noting that the Markles’ current geographical separation is “conducive” to adultery.

This pundit’s unique take on the Markle’s dumpster fire life highlights the unending fascination the public has with the traitors who must now sleep in the messy bed (no pun intended) they’ve made for themselves post-Megxit.

Harry and Meghan are forging separate career paths, with her signing to a talent agency, WME, and he off acting up like the court jester of his younger days.

Tell us royal fans, what would you suggest to these two reviled ex-royals?

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  1. Kris says

    Harry needs to dump Megan. She’s a Gold digger
    I feel sorry for the kids. She’s more interested in herself more than anything else.

    1. Hope says

      And how would you know Megan is a gold digger? Why don’t you focus on your life and leave Harry and Megan alone. They are a beautiful family and I am praying the beautiful family will stay together in Jesus name

  2. Mary Kunstman says

    Too bad they had two children who will have to suffer all this nonsense.

  3. Suzy T. says

    So true. She seems to be only looking out for Megan. She seems fake and very insincere. Harry is better off away from her. He should have listened to Kate and William about what she was.

  4. Cathy says

    Respect!! I don’t think Harry has that toward his family.

  5. David R says

    This “beautiful” family chartered their own course by making the decision to leave their duties & responsibilities of being royals. Decisions have consequences & they gave up on being royals. Are they part of the family? Yes. But being family comes with no guarantee of being royals & the perks thereof. They should get on with being on their own & accept those consequences.

  6. Jackie says

    It’s disgusting for you people to even suggest that Harry has an affair! You are ‘willing’ this couple to get a divorce. Leave them alone you miserable sods!

  7. Dee says

    Who cares?

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