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Meghan Markle Wants To Be A Single Mom

Meghan Markle is plotting an epic comeback, as a single mom.  Royal Family critics are convinced that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are biding their time, and will make a formal divorce announcement any day now.   

Despite not evening formally separating yet, the Duchess of Sussex is already reportedly planning her rebranding.

It was confirmed a few months ago that Meghan Markle was dusting off her old GoDaddy  Domain and relaunching “The Tig,” her mediocre lifestyle blog that vanished after she went public with Prince Harry.

Meghan Markle Still Bitter Over The Tig

The Tig has always been a rumored issue between Harry and Meghan over the years.  Markle had spent months building the blog that she planned to fill with all of HER favorite things. 

Meghan Markle Wants To Be A Single Mom

The Duchess was certain that she was going to Gwyneth Paltrow and Goop a run for their money.  Because, of course, millions of people were going to log on every day to see what Meghan was telling them to wear, eat, and take a stand against.

Regardless of The Tig’s success or potential success, Markle has always felt like she was missing out on a million dollar business because of Harry’s Family.

Meghan Markle Plans To Milk Divorce With Website

Meghan Markle is a PR mess right now, but believe it or not there are still a few marketing companies working with her, and helping her rebuild The Tig for launch and package her new image as a royal divorcee.

Anyone in the website business can tell you that in order to see any type of success, you need a niche.  Rumor has it Meghan is planning on launching her website to coincide with her divorce announcement.  And, she is planning to focus on being a single mom and co-parenting on The Tig.

Would you head to The Tig for parenting advice from single mom Meghan Markle? 

Share your thoughts in the comments below and keep checking back here for more Meghan Markle news and Royal Family updates.

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  1. Angelia says

    What crap. The haterade never stops. Enough already.

  2. Roberta says

    Megan will have a rude awakening when she realizes that her children belong to the “Royals!”

  3. Moari says

    The trash this Amanda person writes.

    It’s apparent you haven’t kept up with things happening in Germany.

    You sound like a jealous schoolgirl, Amanda.

  4. Alex Martinez says

    She is a complete looser. I would never take any kind of advise from her. She ruined Prince Harry. She was a problem from day 1.

  5. Love Royals says

    I would not get any advice from duchess doright. Sorry, but not sorry.

  6. Trinigirl says

    Absolute rubbish!

  7. Betty says

    I have been dressing myself for over sixty year and I don t,need a,woman who dresses like a tramp or,someone,on the make to tell me what to wear or what kind of make up to use. Neither do I need her to tell me what to eat or drink. I m not a robot and I don t need this low class bitch to tell me,anything. She has a lot to learn about people and. the majority of the people in the,US don t like her.

    1. Kleena says

      TOTALLY AGREE!!! Trash is trash & she is way part putting out for the dumpster!!

  8. CJS says

    Absolutely not! Children need both parents showing them how to work through difficult times and situations. She is all about “me” and not the children. She seems to want to pawn them off on her mom rather than take care of them herself. She has kept them away from Harry’s family which is not fair to the children either.

  9. WW says

    Word, Moari!

    Jealous some, Betty? Racists, like you, are low class.

    The brits support princes who cheat on their wives, talk about low class and LOW BRED.

  10. Chuck says


  11. Dawn says

    I don’t believe that Harry and Megan will get a divorce. Ever since the public found out about there friendship, turned marriage, the world has made negative comments about there union. They are weathering the storm together and they are both trying to revolve around all the negative that has come there way. They have proven to the world that they can and will move forward together with there children. What people should do is show morale support and let them live there lives in peace. They want to be normal people with a normal life. They will overcome all the obstacles that has and will come there way because they love each other and the life they have built with there children. God bless and be with them through there journey.

  12. Merrikay says

    Meghan is a low class woman that happen to get a prince. The children should be raised in England.

  13. Lola says

    I really don’t give a dam about Magen I do not like her as a person ,she should know her place, I just feel bad for children it’s always children are suffering because of the stupid parents persons like her shouldn’t have a children because she doesn’t know what she wants. She wants to become famous so she was a shitty actress she become famous this way, married, Prince Harry, Harry

  14. Cathy says

    Children need both parents. Megan has nanny’s to take care of the children! She wouldn’t make a good single parent. Megan is a trouble maker.
    She shouldn’t keep her children away from grandparents and family

  15. Dana Dyes says

    Maghan is nothing but a money hungry selfish witch . When she married Prince Harry. It’s not for love. She wants that money. & Now they have 2 children that is going to get the most. If she divorced Prince Harry? See the $$$$ he will pay child support? Wrong. She will get the most rude awaking ever. YES those kids are royal & King Charles III can take those children away from her & there is notthing she can do so she better realize it. Oh but she won’t cause everything is about her. That’s cause being a money hungry selfish witch can see anything but this $$$$$.

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