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Prince Harry’s Social Life Now Depends On Meghan Markle’s Circle

It’s safe to say that Harry mostly switched out his camp for Meghan’s following their controversial exit from royal life, and a couple of A-listers make the list mind you.

However, don’t worry, Harry is finding his way around California and forging new connections.

Expert Says It Cost Prince Harry His Friends When He Moved to California

With Prince Harry hunting for a house in the UK, a lot of speculations have arisen as to how he’s adapting to life in California. Royal author Phil Dampier believes he’s not doing so well in the friends sector.

“I get the impression he hasn’t got a circle of drinking buddies he can unwind within Montecito, which has a population of older people, and I’m sure that takes its toll,” Dampier told The Mirror.“Not only has he lost his family, his royal status and military connections, but he’s also lost a lot of friends,” he said, noting that the relocation has come at “a massive cost for Harry.”

Prince Harry's Social Life Now Depends On Meghan Markle's Circle

This, according to Dampier, makes him dependent on Meghan Markle, 42, “for his social life.”

Dampier’s comments echo that of Grant Harrold, who worked with the royal family for seven years. In an interview, Harrold claimed that Harry rarely stays in touch with most of his old pals.

Harry Moved On From His Former Friendship Circle.

“I know quite a few of Harry’s friends, who don’t hear from him at all now,” Harrold remarked. The same goes for Harry’s intimacy with his brother Prince William, who he now reportedly no longer talks to, especially since the release of his memoir “Spare.”

“They were both very sociable boys,” Harrold said of the brothers’ previous bond. “And that’s what’s so sad about it now, how they’ve gone from best of friends to non-existent really. They have become so distant.”

Harry moving on from his former friendship circle was especially telling when the 39-year-old missed the wedding ceremony of his longtime pal and polo friend Jack Mann.

Despite the fact that Mann was at Harry’s own nuptials in 2018, and was even nicknamed the “unofficial best man” at the time, Harry didn’t bother to show up at his.

There are still a handful of friends from Harry’s past that he is sometimes seen together with, including polo buddy Nachos.

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  1. Katherine says

    She’s a narcissist and he needs to leave her but stay close to those kids. Narcs are manipulative and wrap you up on a web and you fall for it. Look at Will smith and Jada that’s another example of how strong a narcissist can tangle you up and brainwash you. He is showing all the signs of a victim. They end up living the partners life while their own life dwindles away. She’s managed to pull him away from his family, his friends, he’s losing his identity. Which will cause him to attach himself more. Then the abuse starts and making him not feel worthy. I lost a friend last April he killed himself due to the emotional abuse of his kids mother. He wasn’t strong enough. I believe Harry is and may be waking up. He will leave her, then wait for the tell all books they both will write or she will for sure. He needs to get away from that psycho manipulator.

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