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Prince William And Kate Middleton Need A Household CEO, Taking Applications!

British royal family news reveals that Prince William and Princess Catherine are hiring—do you think you have what it takes to work for royalty?

The Prince and Princess of Wales are in need of a C-Suite exec to manage their household, a job that is a lot harder than it sounds. Keep reading to find out if you’re up to the task!

Royal Family News: William And Kate Need A CEO

Royal expert Charles Rae is quoted as saying that the Wales’ “CEO” has got to be a “tough cookie.” Although there’s no way we foresee this staffer ever bringing charges of bullying against the couple, as Harry and Meghan’s staff did against them.

Prince William And Kate Middleton Need A Household CEO, Taking Applications!

Royal Family News: Harry and Meghan Were Bullies?

The pundit noted that the next hire for the Wales family will be at the CEO level and be responsible for running the “family business” like a Fortune 500 company.

He stated “This is William and Kate setting out their stall for the future for when they take over the reins of the royal family.”

William will follow his father King Charles onto the throne and the couple are said to want to continue his legacy of modernizing and streamlining the British monarchy. That may be decades in the distance, but the savvy parents of three are thought to be planning well into the future.

Royal Family News: Kate And William Planning Ahead

King Charles has just passed the one-year mark in his reign. He has made it clear he wants to trim down the excesses of the monarchy, with William and Kate believed to be committed to further cutting back on the pomp and circumstance during their reign.

Royal Family News: Will William and Kate Economize?

The CEO-type position is thought to be a move that eliminates layers of redundancy such as having servants, secretaries, chamberlains, etc.

Still, although the proposed plan makes sense, change is not always embraced within the palace according to some insiders.

As such, William and Kate’s plan for one household leader is said to “revolutionary” by some palace insiders who object to the tossing aside of the traditional hierarchy.

Time will tell if this position sticks around for the long-term but if you’re interested and think you have what it takes to run the next regent’s household, by all means do apply!

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