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Prince William And Kate Middleton To Be King And Queen VERY Soon

King Charles might have waited his entire life for the job, but it looks like his son Prince William might get it sooner rather than later.

There’s a new report that suggests William and his wife Kate Middleton might become King and Queen of England sooner than thought.

In fact, some people are predicting that they will take the throne in less than ten years. Here’s what you need to know.

William And Kate To Be King And Queen VERY Soon

Paul Burrell, who used to serve as Princess Diana’s official butler, predicts that Prince William will be called the King of England before anyone knows it.

Prince William And Kate Middleton To Be King And Queen VERY Soon

In an interview with GB News, he said, “10 years. I think we’ll have to wait for King William and Queen Catherine. And I know that Diana would want me to stay true. She’d want me to stand close to William and Kate and help them move their bridge.”

In the same interview, Burrell also said that he’s having a hard time saying the words, “God Save the King” just because Queen Elizabeth’s death is too fresh. The queen died in September of 2022 at the age of 96. For Burrell, he still sees Queen Elizabeth as the monarch.

Is King Charles Going To Die In The Next Decade?

He said, “I do find it so difficult to sing God Save Our gracious King after the passing of our dear late queen. It’s too fresh and too new for me. But I know I have to join, this gang of people for a short time across this bridge to get to William and Kate, who are waiting on the other side. I know that Diana would want. She’d want me to do that.”

Now, whether or not Prince William does become the King of England in ten years’ time remains to be seen.

Kensington Palace has been reached for comment. Watch this space as we have a feeling there is so much more royal drama to come.

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  1. Susan says

    Wow. Talk about your news. When King Charles dies, William will become king. Who knew???

    1. Dolores says

      Charles red face and hands tells me he is an alcoholic. He has said he can’t doings he wants to do as king. I’m giving him less than ten years on the throne. It’s really a younger man’s task. Camilla is not favored by the people of UK. Harry is not going to let up on them until he hasn’t got another breath to take!

  2. Marsha O says

    So very short on facts. Just one’s man opinion — one man who has had history with the royal family but is hardly in on the current inner circle. Story fails to live up to the info promised in the headline. In short, a rather silly puff piece that doesn’t say much of anything.

  3. Barbie Michael says

    King Charles is in his 70s and he doesn’t look like he is in the best of health… Just look at his hands… He seems like the guy has been indulging in things that aren’t very healthy… So with that being said, let King Charles be king for as long as he can be, and when William takes the throne who knows? The monarchy might be a thing of the past… But William will do well and he probably would be king for a very long time. So with that being said, let’s not jinx it too much for King Charles. He’s been waiting a damn long time for this and what happened between him and Diana happens to a lot of people , and they move on… It’s too bad Diana died simply because she’s made into something that she really isn’t…

  4. Susie says

    King Charles sure he is enjoying his final rights to KING…Yes he is getting up there in age as just a few years above myself. We slow way down and the QUEEN herself, it’s so much harder to travel and keep a high appts going. He the KING already said he has no time for the things he enjoys from his more relaxed times before being the KING. I WOULD SAY YOUR ABOUT RIGHT IN A 10YR. GUESS…THE KING WILL SURELY LET US KNOW. HE AND PRINCESS DIANA HAVE DONE A GREAT JOB IN WILLIAM. They Still can do a lot for ENGLAND and the COMMONWEALTH just as they are doing in a wonderful beautiful job. It’s a beautiful JOY to watching there success as they are and in helping the wonderful father KING CHARLES. I LIKE HIM ALOT AND HIS GRACE AND MATURITY IS AMAZING FOR ALL. CONGRATULATIONS KING CHARLES….♥️♥️

  5. Yates says

    I think Charles is going to abdicate the throne early to William. He doesn’t look all that well and Camilla isn’t pulling her weight as the new Q. Let the young people reign, Charles lived his youth in waiting for that crown and now what, he’s too old to be effective!

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