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Princess Sofia Gives Birth To Third Child – Swedish Royal Family Welcomes New Baby

Princess Sofia And Prince Carl Philip Sweden’s royal family just got a youngest addition to their royal family with the birth of a baby, and yes, it’s another son, but there’ll be something different about this one from his older siblings.

Baby Born Under New Rule

Princess Sofia of Sweden gave birth to her third child at Danderyd Hospital this morning at 11:19 am. It was reported that Prince Carl Philip was present in the hospital at the birth of the baby and that the baby and its mother are both well and healthy.

Big brothers Prince Alexander, 4, and Prince Gabriel, 3, must be excited to receive the baby prince, who is yet to be publicly named, into the family. The new baby will be seventh in line to the throne and will be the eight grandchild born to King Carl Gustaf and Queen Silvia.

The baby’s names and duchy will be announced by his grandfather at a cabinet meeting that will take place on March 28th 2021 alongside Crown Princess Victoria who has now recovered from COVID-19. King Carl XVI Gustaf, Queen Silvia and Prince Carl Philip will attend a Te Deum that morning at the Chapel of the Royal Palace.

There’s one thing that the new baby will be missing that his elder siblings fortunately have, and it is the title of HRH (His/Her Royal Highness). His elder brothers both had the title at their birth, but there’s been a major change that deprives this new baby from the privilege his elder siblings possessed.

In October 2019, King Carl XVI Gustaf announced that a major change will be done concerning the titles received by the members of the royal house. He decided to strip the HRH titles from children of Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia, as well as his daughter Princess Madeleine and Chris O’Neill.

The decision was made to slim down the monarchy and to lessen the pressure on the children as they will not be expected to work for the Royal Family once they are adults. The children are no longer looked on as members of the Royal House, but they still remain members of the Royal Family.

The change does not affect Princess Estelle, 8, and Prince Oscar, 4, or the children of the Crown Princess, who is heir to the throne. Unlike their cousins, both Estelle and Oscar will continue to be part of the royal house.

The new baby can still use the title Prince, but it will not be granted to his spouse and children. Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia’s third child is the first to be born in the family under the new rule.

News Of The Baby’s Birth

Carl Philip released a statement barely hours after the baby’s birth, happily saying that “We are so happy and grateful to be able to welcome our third son to our family. Princess Sofia and I, and his two big brothers, have all been longing for this day. And now we are looking forward to getting to know this new little member of the family.”

A christening for the new royal baby will be held in the coming few months. It could be different from the previous ones due to the recent pandemic that’s been throwing everyone’s plans off course. Announcements regarding the date of the occasion will be made when the royal family is ready.

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