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Kevin Costner Still Has “Love” For Estranged Wife Despite Messy Divorce Battle

While you won’t exactly classify Kevin Costner and Christine’s divorce as one of Hollywood’s messiest divorces, you can’t really say that it’s been all goodwill either.

First there was the battle for Christine to vacate the house she lived in with Costner, then there’s the issue of contesting the prenup. Even now, we don’t know the next issue that’s going to pop up.

And oh, just last week, Costner’s team accused Christine of planning the divorce months ahead and buying expensive things with Costner’s money because the prenup allowed her to keep them.

Despite all this, Costner still maintains he loves her. So you know the old saying, “all’s fair in love and war.” This time it’s both.

Kevin Costner Still Has “Love” For Estranged Wife Despite Messy Divorce Battle

Kevin Costner – Says Child Support Amount Exceeds His Ex Wife And Children’s Needs

After a gruelling two-day court hearing in Santa Barbara, California, Costner revealed he still “loves” his wife even though he wasn’t happy with the original child support amount he was ordered to pay monthly.

“This is a horrible place to be, but this is where we’re at,” the “Yellowstone” star recently said when leaving the court hearing, which took place earlier last week.

“It feels so bad,” Kevin continued outside of the courtroom. “We’re talking about somebody I love on the other side. I just can’t.”

When a reporter asked him whether he “still has love” for Christine, he replied, “of course.”

Kevin’s comments came on the lunch break of the 2-day hearing, which saw a judge reduce the amount he must pay Christine for child support to $63,209 per month.

This is a win for the actor, who in July, was ordered to pay $129,755 monthly to the mother of his three kids — Cayden, 16, Hayes, 14, and Grace, 13.

Despite Costner being disgruntled by this amount, Christine went ahead and filed a request to increase that amount to $175,057 — a $46,000-plus increase.

However, following a forensic accountant’s assessment during the Thursday hearing, she dropped it to $161,592.

“My biggest concern is that the court orders me to pay child support that is above the needs of my children and for the needs of Christine,” Kevin said when he took the stand in court on Friday.

On the other hand, Christine’s attorney argued that she and their three children have grown accustomed to their luxurious life to the point that it is “in their DNA.” At the moment, she lives at a rental property costing an eye-watering $40,000 per month.

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