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Queen Letizia Made The British Royal Family Look Really Bad In Australia

Leave it to the Spanish Royal Family to show the British Royal Family how to get the job done. And that’s exactly what they did when Queen Letizia flew to Australia to celebrate Spain’s win at the Women’s World Cup Final alongside all of the players.

Prince William, meanwhile, stayed behind in England and was unfortunately unable to make it Down Under to console the Lady Lionesses after their loss. And of course, a lot of people can’t help but wonder why.

Queen Letizia – Made The British Royal Family Look Really Bad In Australia

Queen Letizia was a rockstar at the Women’s World Cup Final in Australia. She was giving bear hugs to almost every player on the field and truly looked like she was enjoying herself during the massive celebration that went down right before the trophy ceremony.

It was such a great moment to see that King Charles apparently asked the BBC not to broadcast it because he didn’t want it to make the British royal family look worse than they already do.

Queen Letizia

If that weren’t enough, the English women also got more in-person support from Queen Letizia than they did from Prince William, who happens to be president of the English Football Association. That’s because she was there to console the team after their loss. 

Many royal family critics have commented on the matter with, I’m so happy for the Spanish team. And seeing Queen Letizia and her daughter celebrating with them was so special,” along with,

“That was fantastic, what a beautiful experience for them all. Letizia jumping up and down with the team was amazing. You would never, ever see William or Kate do that. All the spontaneity has been hammered out of them.”

Prince William – Still Hasn’t Explained His Absence

Another critic wrote, “It was so fun to see the videos of her dancing with the team. To the extent I follow her (which is basically just on here and some random posts throughout the year on social media) she always seems so poised and professional in public settings, so it was fun to see her letting loose a bit here. You could feel her genuine excitement for the team and Spain.”

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