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Royal Family News: 5 Royal Rules Meghan Markle Broke During Her Failed Princess Run

British royal family news divulges that failed princess Meghan Markle wasn’t able to latch on to the do’s and don’t of royalty, a fact reflected by her subsequent exile to America.

America doesn’t have a royal family, but it’s here that Meghan and her husband Dirty Prince Harry reside after not cutting it as royals.

Here are five ways in which actress Meghan could not comprehend her royal role which is why she didn’t work out in the part of a lifetime.

Royal Family News: Meghan closed her own car door

Ladies know that gentlemen open and close their car door for them. But in 2018, Meghan was left to her own devices during a solo visit to the Royal Academy of Arts in London. At that time she acted like a commoner and shut her own car door. Oops. Royal watchers took her to task on socials but some fans declared that her move made her look “down to earth.”

Royal Family News: 5 Royal Rules Meghan Markle Broke During Her Failed Princess Run

Royal Family News: Queen Elizabeth broke protocol for Meghan

This next rule was broken for Meghan, not by her. In 2017 the late Queen Elizabeth, broke a rule for her granddaughter in law. It occurred after the couple’s engagement and Meghan was allowed to join the fam at their traditional Christmas soiree at Sandringham. Not even Kate Middleton was allowed this perk!

Royal Family News: Meghan chose not to wear pantyhose

Meghan herself broke a royal rule in 2017 in addition to the one the queen broke on her behalf. It happened when she and Prince Harry announced their engagement in The Sunken Gardens at Kensington Palace.

During the photoshoot, the media noted that Meghan wasn’t wearing pantyhose. This may seem petty, but Queen Elizabeth is said to have taken a hard line on royal women wearing the leg garment.

Royal Family News: Meghan signed an autograph

According to CheatSheet, Meghan broke another rule in 2018 when she, “gave a handwritten note to a fan during a walkabout outside Cardiff Castle in Wales. A 10-year-old girl asked for the former Suits star‘s autograph.” But this is a no-no, as, “royals are not permitted to sign autographs.

That rule was said to be put in place to stop forgery. So when Meghan got the request she wrote a simple “hello” note to youngster who spoke to People after and said: “My heart is still racing. I’ve never got a royal autograph before. This is going to make everyone jealous.”

Royal Family News: Meghan voted in the 2020 election

There’s no law that says that royals can’t vote in elections, but it is an unspoken rule that they do not in order to remain politically neutral. In 2020 called attention to herself by making a big deal of the US Presidential election and then flaunting the fact that she voted in it.

She became the first member of the British royal family to vote in a presidential election and boasted about her rule breaking in a video for the non-profit organization When We All Vote. Tell us of other rules you know that Meghan has broken royal fans!
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  1. Maryjane says

    Megan is not a royal. She thought she was going to change the Royal family and she was going to be Queen.
    They need to be exiled out of the UK.

  2. Judi Thompson says

    Marijane…ypu are sontight.

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