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Royal Family News: Can The Cambridge’s Banish The Curse Of The Spare?

Prince Willain And Kate MiddletonBritish royal family news shows that a couple of clown princes, Harry and Andrew, are overshadowing the rest of the royals. Their scandals and outrageous ways are casting a shadow over the monarchy, painting it with a broad brush for lesser known royals.

Curiously both are what the royals term “spares.” A spare is the second banana to the heir, hence the disposable title. But in 2022 Queen Elizabeth could see the chickens come home to roost when spares Harry and Andrew threaten to overshadow her platinum jubilee.

Royal Family News – The Spares Are Causing Issues

It is now known that Harry Plotter was planning to drop a bombshell memoir in 2022. The news was leaked by Page Six and an unrepentant Prince Harry was forced to tell the truth, admitting that he has been scribbling away for a year now.

As for Prince Andrew, accuser Virginia Giuffre filed a sexual abuse and battery lawsuit was brought against him last week. The proceedings could extend into 2022 further dimming the brilliance of what Her Majesty has achieved in 70 years on the throne.

Royal Family News – What Does It Mean To Be A Spare?

Some royal watchers refer to the curse of being a spare. While the heir is destined to live a life full of admiration and pomp and circumstance the spare is left to the side, destined to be the second choice for fame which almost never arrives.

Will the curse plague Prince William and Kate Middleton’s non-heir kids Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis?

They live in the shadow of older brother Prince George, who will one day be king.

Royal Family News – The Cambridges Have Three Children

Louis and Charlotte are next in line after George in the line of succession.

Princess Diana’s biographer Andrew Morton told Vanity Fair in April, “I think the Queen knows that being the spare is hard and a part of her recognizes that Harry was sometimes a bit of a lost soul just like her sister.”

It’s been reported that Kate and William strive to create as level of a playing field as possible for Prince Louis and Princess Charlotte. But, if either follows in the ignominious footsteps of spare Harry and Andrew, no doubt royal watchers will once again refer to the curse of the spare. No one wants to see that, and hopefully The Cambridges are well on the way to breaking this singularly unwanted royal tradition.

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