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Royal Family News: Here’s Where Things Stand Between Prince William And Prince Harry

You can never really say never but at this point it seems like any hope that seems to be left is fading away. There’s a new report that suggests you might not want to hold your breath in the hopes that you’ll be seeing Prince William and Prince Harry acting like there’s a lot of brotherly love between them at King Charles’ coronation.

That’s because in reality Prince William wants absolutely nothing to do with his little brother and plans to ignore him during the entire ceremony. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

Royal Family News – Here’s Where Things Stand Between Prince William And Prince Harry

According to royal expert Richard Eden, he thinks that the two royal brothers have now taken two very different paths in their life and unfortunately, it might be a very long time before they will ever meet in the middle.

While Prince William is still dutifully showing up at royal engagements and public appearances, Prince Harry seems to be enjoying the good life with his wife Meghan Markle in California.

Royal Family News: Here’s Where Things Stand Between Prince William And Prince Harry

In a tweet from April 25th, Eden put it this way, “Prince William is up at the crack of dawn for a moving #AnzacDay2023 ceremony, while #PrinceHarry is pictured flirting with #Meghan on a ‘kiss-cam’ at a basketball game in the USA. Can there be any starker illustration of the different paths the brothers have chosen?”

Sure enough, many royal fans and critics alike shared their opinion on the matter. One person said, “One enjoying his free time after being successful and financially independent while the other does the bare mins on taxpayer money,” while another added, “Can you imagine if the non working royal rocked up from a different time zone to a ceremony he hadn’t been invited to?”

What’s Next For William And Harry?

Another critic also said, “How many million commoners got up at the crack of dawn to work and pay taxes so William can live a life of luxury. How many of those commoners are complaining this morning? Only William is complaining because he had to wake up early.”

Watch this space as we have a feeling that there is certainly more to come in this never-ending royal saga.

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  1. Dianne says

    At this point there is jealousy with every member taking part in the Royal soap opera! I think the downfall for all the Royals was the tragedy of loosing Diana. If affected especially Harry, who should have had some therapy. Harry to be referred to as “The Spare” at a very young age which continues today. The stories Harry told in his Spare book was embarrassing to all the Royal members. They were shown not to be perfect and I feel more damming affect to Harry then anything he reported. The family are embarrassed to be found out.
    I am not sure Megan is the best choice for Harry but she is the ONLY one I can see standing with Harry. He needs someone to support him. After hearing how the Royals operate who would want to be one?! I think William is the one that needs to be taken down a few pegs!

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