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Royal Family News: Hollywood Won’t Touch Prince Harry & Meghan, Fear William & Kate’s Wrath

British royal family news shows that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s popularity is less than zero with no one, no brand, no company reaching out to take what they have to offer.

What do they do anyway? He is famous for the scandals he brought to the royal family (dressing as a Nazi, running through Vegas naked) and she was once in a basic cable show.

They can’t even get a gig opening up a car wash although Meghan recently accepted an award at a Hertz rental car counter.

According to New York Post, celebs in their pricey neighborhood (Steven Spielberg, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Rob Lowe) “are staying away from the exiled royals in fear that they will spill their secrets — and alienate them from Prince William and Kate Middleton.”

Royal Family News: Hollywood Won’t Touch Prince Harry & Meghan, Fear William & Kate's Wrath

To show you how toxic they are, the traitors weren’t even invited to Oprah Winfrey’s birthday party this year. Let that sink in.

Royal Family News: Meghan And Harry Toxic

NewsNation Now’s story producer Paula Froelich told the outlet’s host Nichole Berlie: “Everyone’s got a movie to sell and a Broadway play they want to debut on screen in London or [London’s] West End and they know that Prince William and Kate — who are the biggest [celebrity] gets over there won’t show if they think someone is friends with Harry and Meghan.”

She added, “My sources tell me it’s all about the money” which is deliciously ironic seeing as how the Markles fled the kingdom in search of “financial freedom.”

Royal Family News: Harry And Meghan Shunned

She went on to say that no one in Hollywood will jeopardize their business for The Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Each day there’s another story about how bougie these two are. Last week news got out that Harry and Meghan expected to be flown home by Joe Biden on Air Force One following Queen Elizabeth’s funeral last September.

Word is they were snubbed because having those two anywhere near President Biden and first lady Jill Biden “would cause a commotion and strain relations with Britain.”

And apparently A-lister’s want nothing to do with the grifters especially after Harry blabbed about a party at Courtney Cox’s house.

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Royal Family News: Harry the Snitch

In his sleazoid memoir “Spare” Harry snitched that an actor “allegedly showed him a box of black diamond mushroom chocolates” in Cox’s refrigerator.

According to Harry “My mate and I grabbed several, gobbled them, washed them down with tequila.” Then he described his subsequent hallucinations. It’s the same trashy book in which he described how he “mounted” his partner when he lost his virginity and waxed poetic about his frost bit penis.

Royal Family News: Harry Is Most Dumped

According to travel company On the Beach “Spare” is the most discarded book of the summer with unhappy readers leaving the book “in hotel rooms, garbage cans and by pools in resorts across Europe.” Kind of like the Markles themselves.

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  1. Helen says

    It sounds like nobody wants to have any close relation with Harry and Megan. The interviews and the book ‘Spare’ have shown just how toxic their comments can be should you run foul of them. Publicly denegrating your family is in bad taste.

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