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Royal Family News: King Charles Evicted Harry And Meghan Markle Over Camilla Smear?

British royal family news reveals that a bit of a juicy splash was made last week when it was revealed that the Markles, Dirty Harry and Princess Pinocchio, were locked out of their former, rejected UK estate, Frogmore Cottage. Don’t that have Motel 6 in London?

According to experts in the know, Prince Harry was fully aware that verbally attacking his stepmonster Camilla would get him in the weeds. So what did he do? Verbally attack Camilla of course.

It was known that his father King Charles drew the proverbial line in the sand over Camilla, a line that Harry knew not to cross in disrespect.

The source said that Harry did not just step over the line, he “crossed it with flagrant disregard.”

The insider who exposed this background drama furthermore stated that King Charles experienced the ‘last straw’ with Harry’s bombast over Camilla prior to the Frogmore eviction.

Royal Family News: King Charles Evicted Harry And Meghan Markle Over Camilla Smear?

Royal Family News: Markles Evicted

Harry went on a small tour to promote his memoir Spare and at that time he made certain to say some caustic things. For example he talked to Anderson Cooper about his life at the palace and his feeling about Camilla.

According to the source, Prince Harry’s decision to call Camilla ‘dangerous’ when talking to Anderson Cooper, plus label her a “third wheel” met with the end of Charles’ patience.

Royal Family News: King Charles Lost Patience With Harry

The source spilled to The Mirror, “Harry was well aware how Camilla would be a red line for his father and he crossed with flagrant disregard anyway. The King felt without a doubt it crossed a line – it was the ultimate act of disrespect.”

Royal Family News: Harry is a Loose Cannon

Why did Harry do something he knew would be taken poorly? Why does Harry do anything? Why did he have to fill his memoir with talk about his penis and loss of his virginity? These are the questions confronting the royals as they seek to plan a nice coronation ceremony knowing all the while that Harry and Meghan are out there, maybe planning their next move against the monarchy.

Tell us royal fans, do you think the Markles deserve to be at the coronation?

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  1. Pat Newmans says

    Camilla is a drunk snake in the grass and i am telling you all better watch out because she is out to take over and somehow get all of you out of the picture.

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