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Royal Family News: King Charles Forced To Give Archie And Lilibet Their New Titles?

Could it be that King Charles had no choice but to give in? Maybe. Royal Family News suggests that both Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been accused of forcing the King of England to give their children Archie and Lilibet their royal titles.

As many royal fans know by now, the official royal website was updated this past week to reflect the change as Archie is now known as Prince Archie of Sussex while his baby sister is Princess Lilibet of Sussex. Here’s what you need to know.

Royal Family News- Was King Charles Forced To Give Archie And Lilibet Their New Titles?

According to a new report, King Charles might have been forced to make the move only after Harry and Meghan christened Lilibet and publicly referred to her as a princess for the very first time. And now some royal critics are accusing the Duke and Duchess of Sussex of forcing Charles’ hand with their supposed “tactics.”

Royal Family News: King Charles Forced To Give Archie And Lilibet Their New Titles?

Some believe that Harry and Meghan helped Charles make his decision for him. Royal author and expert Christopher Andersen even put it this way, “The largely faceless courtiers who run the monarchy — Diana used to call them the ‘men in gray’ — were clearly taken by surprise and none too happy that they were placed in the awkward position of having to update the royal website, and quickly.”

Yet, Andersen also pointed out that Harry and Meghan apparently look like hypocrites as they have spent the last several months criticizing the monarchy but also using their royal titles to their advantage. Harry has even said that at this point it really doesn’t matter if they have their titles or not.

Royal Family News – Was King Charles Cornered?

He added, “It was obviously more important to Harry and Meghan that Archie and Lilibet get the full treatment, which seems highly ironic since the Sussexes are no longer working royals, live half a world away and spend a great deal of time lobbing grenades over palace walls.”

So far both Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have not made any comments about the criticism.

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  1. Dan says

    How many places can they live simultaneously?

  2. Maryjane says

    Take away all their titles. If Charles is going to be King needs to put H and M in their place. Non working royals, no titles.

  3. Nona Monty says

    King Charles look very weak with H sand M.
    If he wants to trim the monarchy why is he giving more titles. Example Queen of Denmark , she really did the right thing.

  4. Denise says

    Charles always gives in to Harry he must know a lot about the King.He doesn’t have a backbone the Queen never cut Harry off and neither will Charles. Andrew should be getting what he wants if Harry does. Andrew was wrong but Harry and Nutmag has done more to the family than Andrew. How do you face your children and Charles is giving in to them

  5. Ann Blalock says

    The only one’s with titles should be Harry, born a PRINCE, Archie & Lilibet – apparently their birthright as the Grandchildren of Charles. None of them live in the UK and Meghan and Lili were born in the USA where they are Prince & Princess of WHAT? Americans threw the British out and don’t recognize titles and styles.

    How do the Brits now address Harry’s children?

  6. Ananda says

    Just because they called Lili “princess” doesn’t mean sh÷ is a real princess. They are the epitome of what it means to be hypocrites. They probably believe that will mean something here in the US. Wrong again!! Anything to prove that they’re so important. Poor kids are going to be dragged out everywhere to show of their titles. Take a clue from the Queen that did remove her Grandkids title, KC3. Don’t let them keep making money from titles they don’t deserve to have!

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