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Royal Family News: Meghan Markle Accused Of ‘Icing’ The Family By Sister

Samantha MarkleBritish royal family news reveals that Meghan Markle has a brother and a sister despite claiming to Oprah Winfrey that she grew up an only child. That inaccurate statement, along with a whole host of other non-truths was quickly disproven after the ugly tv tell-all. But Meghan’s sister Samantha Markle didn’t let it rest at showing pictures that proved Meghan lied about her, she took a page from Meghan’s playbook and sued her for defamation of character. The family that sues together stays together? Hardly.

Royal Family News – Meghan’s Sister Wants To Be Heard

She recently talked to the Daily Star and spilled more dishes about her sister and the brother-in-law none of the family has met. That would be Prince Charming, Harry.

Samantha said, “Harry and Megan are always saying people have a voice and they should be heard. That includes your family but that also means if you’re a humanitarian and you think your family should be heard, you don’t disrespect your family, you don’t ice them, you don’t silence them.”

Samantha was not done and added, “If you are a humanitarian and a compassionate person and all these things you claim to be you listen to your family and you try to think ‘what do we need to do to have a meeting of the minds? Let’s resolve conflicts, let’s be adults about this, and let’s show that we are bigger people.’”

Royal Family News – Samantha Markle Wants The Family To Heal

Her words reflect the claptrap that Meghan has spewed about being a humanitarian and wanting to spread compassion in the world. Yet Meghan has consistently trashed her own family as well as her in-laws. She was accused just this week of taking a swipe at Queen Elizabeth. Meghan told the crowd at the Invictus games that she and Harry are the very epitome of “service” seeming to mock Harry’s grandmother for her lifetime of service.

Samantha went on to say, “Be the change you want to see in the world, if you want good change in the world where people are considerate and loving and they have open communication, then you have to role model that and you have to be the bigger person.”

Royal Family News – Samantha Markle Wants Peace?

She spoke directly to her sister, saying, “You have to step forward and say, ‘You know what, I’m sorry, I said those things that weren’t true, they were hurtful.” Will Meghan take the bait? It would seem Samantha has provided her an opening, there is no time like the present.

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  1. Guest says

    Dear Samantha I Never Thought
    Much Of Meghan After Her Talk
    With OPRAH, In Fact OPRAH Has Never Been One Of My Faves
    Either, But With Yours & Dads
    Action's Can't Say You've Done
    Yourself Proud, So She Married
    A PRINCE BIG DEAL, She Refused To Do The Work So
    She Convinced HARRY To
    Walk Away From His BIRTH
    CELEB, They Will Grow Tired.of Her "HOITYNESS" Eventually
    Because They Are 90% FAKE,
    & They All Live In The "LAND
    PEOPLE" !! & Sooner Or Later
    She Will Find Herself Having

  2. Guest says

    Why does she insist on being a part of Megan’s life now? Why wasn’t she this persistent the past 20 years???

  3. Guest says

    No I don't. Meagan Dad, Brother and Sister have abused her with Untruths since She met Prince Harry. With Family like that who needs Enemies.

  4. Guest says

    Apples and trees and sadly Megan has encouraged the same dysfunction in the relationship with her in-laws. Lets face it the 15 minute visits with the royal family was great PR to promote their Dutch trip and try to revive their brand. I hope Megan's sister keeps them busy doing damage control, perhaps that will keep them off their ailing grandmother's back and spewing their tails to Oprah for her biased cheap tv show.

  5. Guest says

    I agree, it wasn't until she married and didn't invited then all this crap came to pass, all you Megan hater u all need to find something constructive to do and leave this woman alone karma is a mother…..and her sister and family will reap what they sow and you will too if you don't stop judging people by pure gossip did you see it, live it, did she hurt you…..
    Well then

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