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Royal Family News: Meghan Markle “Lied” About Kate Middleton In Oprah Interview

British royal family news divulges that Meghan Markle stands accused of “lying” during the infamous 2021 interview with Oprah Winfrey, the one where Harry was forced to stay away from the camera for the first 60 of the 90 minute interview. Huge red flag.

Meghan also had the audacity to use a long-ago bullying name for Princess Kate who was then the Duchess of Cambridge. Let’s unpack what this dish is all about, what body language analyst Jesus Enrique Rosas has to say about Meghan’s “performance.”

Royal News: Meghan Called Inaccurate

Rosas stated of Meghan, that when the former actress talked about Kate: “If you pay attention just to the left side of her face, you can see that she is showing contempt and joy. Neither of those emotions goes with what she’s saying. That way, we can assume that she’s lying at that moment.”

Royal Family News: Meghan Markle “Lied” About Kate Middleton In Oprah Interview

Royal Family News: Meghan’s Lied About Kate?

The expert continued “She does a different kind of lip press this time, in which her lips turn upward and near her nose.” According to Rosas, this indicates that the actress “is not confident about what she is saying.”

The scene in question was in regard to Bridesmaid-gate, in which it was alleged that Meghan made Kate cry before her wedding to Prince Harry in May 2018. But when Oprah brought this up, the Suits star claimed “No, the reverse happened” that Kate left her in tears. Apparently Kate texted Meghan to let her know that Charlotte’s bridesmaid dress did not fit properly.

Royal Family News: Meghan Made Kate Cry?

Rosas said that when Meghan said “the reverse occurred” she “does a tongue show and averted her eyes to her right. A tongue show can be a quick way to moisten your lips, but it’s also a signal that people regret having said something.”

Royal Family News: Did Meghan Mie About Kate?

Rosas explained further that “if you stack the deceit signals, you know that that part of the story is fabricated.”

But wait, there’s more, According to the body language expert, Meghan seems to “raise her left eyebrow more,” allegedly a sign that the Suits alum was jealous of the actual princess.

This assessment seems to be confirmed by Lizzie Cundy, “a previous friend of Meghan’s before the former Deal or No Deal briefcase model ghosted her.” She went on record to say of Meghan’s grasp for the brass ring “We could all see the writing was on the wall; it’s very different when you’re a celebrity princess than being a royal princess, and frankly, Meghan just wasn’t up for the job.”

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  1. Peggy says

    You know what ASSUME means Rosas?

  2. Patty Alexander says

    My gut feeling was saying that Megan was saying what she wanted to say to make herself look good but guess what she lied

  3. Maryjane says

    Megan is a liar.

  4. Robyn says

    I thank God that this person Meghan isn’t in my family!
    She has been TROUBLE from the start!
    Meghan has to be a very troubled person.
    She really needs a Doctors help she has problems!
    Making other people hurt makes her feel good! Not right!

  5. Deborah says

    Ms Cundy, was I think, absolutely correct. Megan is a narcissistic liar but she actually thinks what she saying is truth, that’s because in her mind that how it was.

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