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Royal Family News: Meghan Markle Ripped As A “Narcissistic Opportunist” For Taking Kids To Platinum Jubilee

MeghanBritish royal family news shows that royal watchers are not having Meghan Markle’s antics, with one presenter mocking the idea that Princess Pinocchio is entertaining thoughts of running for elected office. Could it be that Megs has her eyes on being US President one day? Megyn Kelly thinks it a ludicrous proposition and savaged any thought of Meghan being POTUS.

Kelly said, “What this shows me, the fact she might be considering it (the US Presidency) or have her eye on it in the long term, that she’s a dishonest and narcissistic opportunist.”

Royal Family News – Is Meghan Dishonest?

She went on to say of the hypocritical royal outcast: “Ms. I want privacy wants to run for President. Ms. I want privacy for my children, she’s showing up to the Jubilee with her children who are going to be on camera and she wants to rub shoulders with the first tier royals.”

She is referring to Meghan and her husband Prince Harry’s claims that they abandoned the Royal family, due to a need for privacy. Since then they have gone on to launch themselves at every camera and pose up a storm with unsuspecting victims during staged photo ops.

As Megyn said, Meghan “loves the spotlight” as her many flashy appearances attest to. What happened to wanting privacy and security for her family?

Royal Family News – Will the Jubilee bring Harry And William Together?

Meanwhile, many royal experts have suggested that Queen Elizabeth’s June Platinum Jubilee will be the perfect opportunity for Harry and future king Prince William, to mend the fences torn down by Megxit.

Vanity Fair’s Erin Vanderhoof said of this: “Meghan and Harry together are going to use the Jubilee as an opportunity to make some family moments and introduce the kids to the rest of the family. And they will try at least make sure they understand that can still figure something out in the future.”

“But our reporting for the podcast shows that the rift between Harry and William is really deep and really personal. It will take both of them coming to a point where they want to make up before that is possible behind closed doors.”

Can the Princes Reconnect?

Harry and Meghan’s savage tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey was devastating to their fragile relationship to the royal family. They aired dirty laundry and slammed his family as incompetent fools. More recently Harry blabbed about the queen to NBC, something that royal expert Russell Myers told The Today Show was “ludicrous.”

“I just think that interview that Harry gave for American television a few weeks ago was absolutely ludicrous. What on earth is he talking about protecting the Queen, making sure she’s got the right people around her.” Millions of others, plus the royal family itself must be wondering the same thing.

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  1. Guest says

    I have to disagree. It’s one thing to protect your child’s privacy and removing them from those obligations. Megan and Harry will continue in the public eye because unfortunately that’s how you get philanthropic work done.

  2. Linda says

    Or "pretend" to be working philanthropically when, in reality, they merely crave the spotlight.

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