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Royal Family News: Prince Andrew Was “Useful Idiot” For Jeffrey Epstein?

Prince AndrewBritish royal family news reveals that Prince Andrew just paid millions to his sex abuse accuser in an historic out of court settlement. The accuser claims to have been a sex trafficking victim of Andrew’s friend Jeffrey Epstein.

Now it emerges that Epstein, a dead, convicted pedophile, is alleged to have called Andrew “an idiot” behind his back. According to royal biographer Tina Brown, Epstein kept the clown prince around so as to, “exploit the Duke’s status for his own financial gain,” according to the Daily Mail.

The author also claims that disgraced Andrew was made to feel important by disgraced Epstein thanks to, “the deals, the girls, the plane, the glittering New York world, where he wasn’t seen as a full-grown man still dependent on his mother’s Privy Purse strings.”

Royal Family News – Andrew Is An “Idiot?”

Brown’s upcoming book is titled, The Palace Papers, and excerpts are being published in The Telegraph. The latest excerpt is sure to cause even more royal heartburn for the monarchy. Brown claims that convict Epstein saw a, “senior royal, even if tainted, is always a potent magnet abroad.” As such Andrew was “useful” to Epstein.

Adding insult to injury, “She claimed that in return, Epstein made ‘oversexed’ Andrew feel like he’d made it in the big league.”
Royal Family News: Is Andrew A Disgraced Royal?

Tina wrote: “Privately, Epstein told people that Andrew was an idiot, but – to him – a useful one.”

Tina further stirs the pot by claiming that Epstein used Andrew by accompanying him to meet governments in “obscure foreign markets” who agreed to meet them because Andrew was a royal. Apparently, Epstein billed himself as a “investment adviser” to Andrew and negotiated deals for his own benefit.

Royal Family News – Does Andrew Need An Investment Advisor?

Tina added that Epstein, “knew which buttons to push to ensnare Prince Andrew, who felt stung from being second fiddle to Prince Charles and relied on his mother to fund his lifestyle.”

If that sounds bad, another of Brown’s claims is worse. According to her, Andrew was, “a sex-obsessed teenager who once spent two days watching porn … on the estate of the US ambassador to the UK.”

Epstein was arrested on charges of sex trafficking in July 2019 and killed himself in prison one month later.

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