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Royal Family News: Prince Charles Has Frozen Out Prince Harry From The Firm

British royal family news divulges that despite rosy PR reports from the California camp, Prince Charles and Prince Harry‘s relationship is not hunky-dory following the latter’s trip across the pond.

According to sources, things are still tenuous following their meet-up in the U.K. for Prince Philip’s funeral this month.

Royal Family News – Prince Charles Does Not Trust Prince Harry?

A source told Us Weekly, “Unfortunately, Harry and Charles didn’t resolve their differences when Harry returned to the U.K. They barely communicated. There definitely continues to be a huge wedge between the two.”

No doubt Harry and his wife Meghan’s decision to air the family laundry in a tell-all CBS interview with Oprah Winfrey did not help the family make nice.

In fact, it was reported that some family members treated Harry icily at the funeral, and who can blame them after he dragged them like a dirty rag doll in public just weeks earlier?

Among other things, Harry whined to Oprah that his father, “stopped taking my calls,” after Harry infamously abandoned his royal duties. He also whined about no longer getting an allowance from daddy.

Royal Family News – Prince Charles and Prince Harry Have Fences to Mend?

“I feel really let down,” Harry said at the time, adding, “I will always love him. There’s a lot of hurts that’s happened. I will continue to make it one of my priorities to heal that relationship.”

But the insider revealed that “Charles is still fuming about Harry throwing shade at him and the royal family in the big interview and won’t let it drop. But to be honest, Harry didn’t go running back to Charles begging for forgiveness either. “

“He still hasn’t forgiven his father for his lack of effort and support after he and Meghan decided to move. The reason Harry went back to the U.K. was to see the queen and to pay his respects to Prince Philip. That’s about as far as it goes.”

Royal Family News – Prince Harry is Holding On To Grudges With His Family

While Harry and Meghan lecture the public about the climate all the while polluting with their SUVs and private jets, the royal family has moved on. Charles, Prince of Wales is the next monarch and his plan apparently does not involve Harry.

According to the source, “Charles is working toward a new slimmed-down monarchy and is freezing Harry out. He’s actually already out. After the damage Harry has caused the family, he firmly believes that his son doesn’t deserve the privilege of being a royal.”

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    Harry made his bed now he has to sleep in it. Doubtful he will ever be welcomed back.

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