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Royal Family News: Prince Harry At Beyoncé Concert Displayed “Two Extremes”

British royal family news shows that last Friday Prince Harry and Meghan Markle got their groove on at Beyonce’s Renaissance World Tour in Los Angeles.

The pics that emerged told a tale of two realities. Let’s unpack what went on in the Markles’ empty nosebleed box, where there was not one celeb or VIP withing ten miles of the traitors.

Royal Family News: Harry’s Getting His Groove on

First of all let’s get this out of the way: it appears that Meghan’s influence on hapless Harry now extends to making him wear her clothes.

In public. Much was made about Harry’s party outfit consisting of Meghan’s lady’s jacket. Awkward as heck.

Royal Family News: Prince Harry At Beyoncé Concert Displayed "Two Extremes"

When Harry wasn’t looking at his phone his expression was described as “miserable” by some outlets.

What does body language expert Judi James have to say about the pics of Meghan swinging her hips while dour Harry stood far apart gazing at his phone?

She said “Harry’s body language lurches between two extremes at this concert while Meghan’s is unmistakably set on ‘happy’ and ‘fan girl.’ [Her] behavior is immersive in all these clips.”

Royal Family News: Harry is Not A Dancer

James told the Mirror “[He’s] smiling here at times but he also looks like a man with a lot on his mind during other moments, given his pending trip to the UK and his hosting of the Invictus Games.


It should be noted that the concert was on the day after the anniversary of his mother Diana’s death.

Many commenters noted he couldn’t not have been lighthearted at such an event, and questioned Meghan making him “celebrate” at such a sad time.

But you know what they say, the couple that dresses together, stays together.

James added of Harry “there are some photos where he seems to have zoned out, standing back from the dancing group wearing a sombre facial expression with either his hands stuffed in his pockets in a gesture of reluctance, or even staring down at his phone.”

Royal Family News: Beyonce Concert In LA

She also added that James added that after the couple are seen hugging, Harry’s “smile seems to vanish quickly.”

Tell us royal fans, do you believe all the rumors about divorce, or does their concert behavior show that they are more committed than ever to one another?

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