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Royal Family News: Prince Harry At It Again, Prince Charles Scandalized By Son’s Loose Lips


British royal family news divulges that Harry usurped Queen Elizabeth’s 96th birthday by giving another shady tell-all interview about his family on Wednesday. Just hours before the queen’s big day Thursday, Harry made a fool out of himself in a Today interview with Hoda Kotb. Now the palace fears it is a sign of more Harry bombs to come as the family prepares to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee in June.

In particular, his father Prince Charles is said to be gobsmacked by his youngest son’s continued undermining of the monarchy. According to delusional Prince Harry, the queen needs protection and he is the one seeing to it that the job is done.

Royal Family News – Prince Harry Is Full Of Truth Bombs

In actuality the runaway royal has done nothing but snub his family, petulantly refusing to attend his grandfather’s memorial last month, but finding time to be at the Invictus Games this week. According to reports the, “palace staff who cared for Her Majesty throughout the pandemic accused the Duke of Sussex of ‘breathtaking arrogance’ over his suggestion his grandmother needs extra protection.”

Royal Family News – Harry Gave A Revealing Interview

Prince Harry was in fine form during the trashy interview, also saying that his late mother, Diana, Princess of Wales, is leading him along as, “she’s done her bit” with his brother Prince William and has now moved on to his family.

According to the Daily Mail, Buckingham Palace was aghast after Harry bragged that he has a “special” relationship with his grandmother who he has kept from meeting his daughter whom he claims he named after her. In a brilliant show of Harry’s thought process or lack of, he named his daughter Lilibet, said she will be called Lili, and boasted that she was named for Elizabeth. Huh?

Royal Family News – Harry Gives His Dad Pause

Perhaps it is best not to try to unravel Prince Harry’s tortured cognitive process. But for Charles, the heir to the throne, it is impossible to ignore the threat that Harry and his runaway mouth represent. According to Harry, the queen, “confides in him things she can’t talk to anyone else about. And in a barbed comment, he said of his visit: ‘I’m just making sure that she’s protected and got the right people around her.’”

Royal watcher Penny Junor said after Harry’s scurrilous comments, “He’s a loose cannon. He was a loose cannon as a teenager and a young man. He came spectacularly good when he was in the Army and with his charity work. Then, after his marriage, things seemed to go to pot again and he is unpredictable in the things he has said and done.”

‘He is under contract to Netflix for a lot of money and they are going to get their money’s worth. I fear he has slightly sold his soul to the devil. Any network is hungry for news and gossip about the Royal Family and the closer you can get to the real deal the better. And he is the real deal. You can’t have a situation where Netflix or any other US channel is going to be reporting private conversations. I fear no good can come of this.”

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  1. Guest says

    Seems Like HARRY HAD Enough
    With The Monaracy & It's Many
    Ridiculous Rules & Pompous
    Ideas, HARRY Probably From
    An Early Age Realized Prince
    CHARLES & The Rest Of The
    ROYALS Saw Him As Second
    Best & He Got Tired Of Thier
    RULES To Live By, I'm Surprised
    He Lived Under Thier Thumb
    As Long As He Did. But HARRY
    Should Realize That Throwing
    Shade At Them Constantly Isn't
    In Good Form Either, "LET
    & Live Your Best Life! After
    The Old Guard Is Gone, They
    Will Realize Thier Pompous
    & Arrogant Attitude Was
    For Nothing. But Stop Stoking
    The Fire HARRY & Just GROW

  2. Guest says

    Harry needs to keep his mouth shut!! The Queen has all the protection she needs. She is safe always.

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