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Royal Family News: Prince Harry Could Use Diana Statue Unveiling To One Up Prince William

Prince Harry British royal family news divulges that on July 1 a statue in honor of the late Princess Diana will be unveiled in Kensington Gardens. Her sons Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex will do the honors on what would have been their late mother’s 60th birthday.

Many royal watchers hope the meet up will heal the reported rift between the runaway brother and the loyal brother. Can that happen? Not according to one royal expert.

Royal Family News – Angela Levin Is A Bona Fide Royal Expert

According to Angela Levin, the ceremony could do quite the opposite and actually deepen the divide between the warring siblings. Levin has floated the idea that the memorial could see Prince Harry trying to, “take ownership of his mother’s legacy.” Oh my. Not another one of his cringy “truth bomb” moments of trashing his family again?

She wrote in The Telegraph, “Certainly that statue – dreamt up in the last true summer of brotherly love – could end up casting a long shadow over Diana’s boys unless they find a way to unite, as she would no doubt want more than anything.”

Already the Markle camp is putting divisive barriers up. Meghan Markle’s soul mate Omid Scobie has spouted off to say that the boys’ father, Prince Charles, should not be at the unveiling because, “his association,” with Diana, “isn’t positive.”

Royal Family News – Will Prince Harry Behave Tomorrow?

Prince Harry also thrust himself into the spotlight by releasing a speech for The Diana Awards days before the unveiling, which Angela claims was not a “coincidence.”

“Was this video performance a way of taking ownership of their mother’s legacy for himself, albeit couched in the language of LA therapy? Having given up his place in the Windsors, has Harry decided to mark his Spencer territory?”

Royal Family News – Harry Will Be Together With William On Thursday

Angela went on to say that the brothers are focusing on different parts of her legacy and she suggested that if Diana had been “more realistic” with Harry the Spare, he might not be as resentful as he seems toward William the Heir, the future King.

Prince Charles can speak for himself and does not Scobie Doo to do so. Reports say that he has indicated that he will not be at the Thursday event because he does not want to, “resurface old wounds,” with his presence. He is also to have said that being there would bring back, “happy, sad and regretful,” memories.

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  1. Guest says

    I believe Harry has a agenda to try to out do William
    Harry needs to go back US but I think that will back fire too
    Markle has taught him well

  2. Guest says

    That child is never going to be a Prince. Nor is her little Princess Diana.. She ought to shut up while she has one ounce of dignity left. After that ounce is (foolishly) squandered, she will be left with NOTHING.
    But, a big house she can't afford and two kids (with very light skin, may I add)

  3. Guest says

    Harry managed to act foolish at the unveiling, he must not be able to control himself.

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