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Royal Family News: Prince Harry Shaking Down Queen For Cash, Even Kate Is Furious?

HarryBritish royal family news shows that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle could be losing a fortune after Netflix’s cancellation of Meghan’s show Pearl. Pearl never got off the ground, not for two years and last Sunday the streamer seemed to have hit its breaking point with the lazy pair, announcing very publicly that the show was axed.

How will the couple now afford chicken feed for the rescues? According to one outlet they are, “begging Queen Elizabeth for cash.” In Touch claims that the secret, brief and shock meeting between the pair and the Queen last month was an excuse to ask for cash! Would you put it past them? Me neither.

Royal Family News – Kate Appalled At The Markle’s?

In Touch’s latest cover screams that Prince Harry and Markle are, “using the queen for money!” Like an ATM. So here’s the scoop: these two thirsty people refused to attend his grandfather’s memorial in March. But in April, while on the way to some fun and games in the Netherlands, they made a stop to see the queen. It was brief and they had a camera crew with them. Really.

A source confirmed a cameraman was in the room recording it for Netflix: “They stayed for just 25 minutes… the queen expected them to stay longer.” And apparently Her Majesty was disappointed that she didn’t get to meet the child named after her, Lilibet Diana.

Royal Family News – The Queen Asked For Cash?

The source claims that, “Harry broke a promise to Elizabeth when he didn’t bring his daughter along,” adding that, “Not seeing her great-grandchildren is like a dagger to the heart.” The queen is 96-years old is it too much to ask that Harry bring her namesake for a visit, especially after she raised him following the death of his mother? Could these two really be this shameless?

They could and even Kate Middleton is allegedly fed up with their antics. One source says Kate thinks that, “they should be ashamed of themselves.”

Royal Family News: Prince Harry Shaking Down Queen For Cash, Even Kate Is Furious?

Royal Family News – The Queen Will Never Meet Lilibet?

Ironically, the source claims that the only reason Markle and Harry met with the queen was to please Netflix. The source added, “One of the most emotional parts will be them going to see the queen, and they must have known that would be the case… it’s all great fodder for the Netflix documentary—which will probably save their $100 million deal.” It may and it may not. Netflix clearly has a drawn a line in the sand with Harry and Meghan. The trouble is that these two have not met a line they won’t cross. If they aired the royal dirty laundry to Oprah Winfrey will they hesitate to trash the clan for Netflix bucks?

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