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Royal Family News: Prince Harry Talks About Spare To Friendly, Biased Reporter Tom Bradby

British royal family news reveals that Prince Harry the Duke of Sussex is all set to boast about his memoir titled Spare in anticipation of the book’s drop next month.

Spare debuts on January 10, and Harry has already lined up a softball interview with his friend, ITV journalist Tom Bradby. Bradby met the royal runaway when the latter was just a teen and he has shown great sympathy to the traitor, despite calling himself a journalist.

Royal Family News – Harry’s Memoir

The actual book was written not by Harry, but by ghostwriter JR Moehringer. So calling Harry the author is a bit farfetched, like much of the vitriol expected, based on Harry’s previous rants against his life and family.

This month Netflix dropped his and wife Meghan Markle’s Netflix docuseries. In it the couple preen for the cameras and throw allegations at the family which sheltered them before their scandalous exit in 2020. Some royal experts are predicting that the book will be even more venomous than the couple’s reality show.

Royal Family News: Prince Harry Talks About Spare To Friendly, Biased Reporter Tom Bradby

Royal Family News – Harry’s Memoir Debuts In 2023

Ahead of the book’s debut reports indicate that Buckingham Palace is on pins on needles waiting to see what Harry accuses them of this time. He has gleefully lobbed “truth bombs” at his clan, with many assertions being shown to be false.

Rather than choosing a neutral journalist to interview him, Harry chose Bradby, “who got to know William and Harry when he was a royal correspondent in the 1990s,” according to the Daily Mail. Bradby is the infamous reporter who asked Meghan how she was “doing” during a tour to South Africa. instead of talking about the citizens of South Africa, Meghan seized the moment to clatter on about how no one till that point pandered to her and her needs.

Royal Family News – Meghan And Her Needs

It’s also been reported that Harry will be interviewed by awestruck reporter Anderson Cooper. That interview, “is expected to be broadcast on Mr Cooper’s 60 Minutes show on TV network CBS on Sunday, January 8, two days before the memoir is released in bookshops.”

Cooper boasted about locking eyes with Harry at the latter’s 2018 wedding. He gushed, “I was at the Royal Wedding, covering it for CNN. Our correspondent Max Foster said, ‘You should wave at Harry because Harry is going to look up at the bright lights and I bet he’ll wave at you.’ The carriage makes a turn. I start waving. Harry looks up at the tower, we make eye contact and he waves. I almost died.” Well, he didn’t and now his fawning has got him an actual interview. Will wonders never cease.

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