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Royal Family News: Princess Anne Wants Queen Camilla To Stay In Her Lane, Royal Catfight Brewing?

Royal Family News: Princess Anne Wants Queen Camilla To Stay In Her Lane, Royal Catfight Brewing?

British royal family news divulges that Princess Anne is getting fed up with her SIL the queen. Literally. Apparently Anne thinks it tacky that Camilla is calling herself Queen instead of Queen Consort. William Shakespeare asked ‘what’s in a name’ and here we examine that awkward question.

According to New Idea, as reported by MSN “Anne feels Camilla overstepped the mark ahead of the coronation by referring to herself simply as Queen.”

Royal Family News: Camilla Overstepping?

The source spilled, “She showed no humility by dropping ‘consort’ and no-one knew she would be taking the full title of Queen …” Camilla taking this liberty has apparently “ruffled Anne’s feathers.”

Allegedly it was mere minutes before the coronation that Buckingham Palace updated the royal family website to show Camilla’s new moniker.

Royal Family News: Cat Fight Brewing Between Camilla and Anne?

The source sniffed, “This isn’t about Anne’s loyalty to her mum – this is about protocol.”

After the coronation dinner, Camilla is said to have avoided Anne as much as possible. At the big event, they were pictured together only in the family portrait, with King Charles standing between them. For now Anne is being “respectful” but will watch to see if Camilla doesn’t stay in her lane. Meow.

Royal Family News: Camilla Straying?

But although Queen Camilla is the highest-ranking lady of the kingdom, Kate Middleton, the Princess of Wales is now “calling the shots” within the royal family, a source claims. The princess’ popularity among fans has skyrocketed since King Charles’ May 6 coronation, despite being a member of the family for over 10 years.

Royal Family News: Princess Anne Wants Queen Camilla To Stay In Her Lane, Royal Catfight Brewing?

Royal Family News: Kate in Charge?

Royal expert Camilla Tominey notes that Princess Kate’s star is rising behind the scenes. She described her as “was once seen by some as a mere WAG [wife and girlfriend]” but now is the “Queen-in-waiting.”

The outlet notes that unlike Camilla, Kate is the mother of a future king, her eldest son George, “which means her influence is felt wider and into future generations.”

In line with this reasoning, Kate’s power has been on greater display in recent months as she made a surprise Eurovision appearance in a tape of her playing piano, and featured in a behind-the-scenes video with her family before the coronation. And, the royal expert claimed that Kate was given as many coronation invitations as she wished, making “her one of the most powerful Princesses of Wales in British history.” Tell us who you think is the most powerful royal woman royal fans!

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  1. Camille says

    Crappie as they sound! They everything for a not cent, dress expensive clothes to show the less fortunate! This monarchy BS needs be stopped. It’s just outstraight stupidity from the 15th century bullshit.

  2. Steven D Whitaker Jr. says

    The future Queen, Princess Kate. Camilla is nothing but the family breaker. She could have told King Charles when he wanted to cheat on Princess Diana, him to work things out with his wife Princess Diana n for the Princes sake as well n to safe his marriage.

    But Noooo, she didn’t do that, she went ahead n broke there marriage up n his family. Now she thinks that she is the most powerful women in the world.
    Well I hate to bust her bubble, once n when King Charles passes away in the future before her if that happens that way. She will loose the title Queen cause it will go to Princess Kate, she also wouldn’t be the Kings mother because she is not Prince Williams biological mother n since she had dropped off Concert of Queen Concert which the late Queen Elizabeth II had givin her that title, so she will still be Queen some sorte when the times comes for our Lord in heaven to take King Charles III, Camilla will absolutely have NO Title at all once again. Her title will go back to Camilla the late King Charles III’s wife.
    That is what she will be when Prince William n Princess Kate become King n Queen.

  3. Cindy says

    I believe princess Kate is just as popular as Diana was in her day. I don’t think Camilla should be call queen, she should be called queen concert. If anyone should be called queen it should be princess Kate.

  4. Leonetta Kekuna says

    Camilla was given the title from our beloved Queen Elizabeth Ii as Queen Consort..she will never be queen as a mistress..ugly wrinkled old woman who pretends to be sweet in public but is nothing but an alcoholic coniving jealous witch..congratulations King Charles

  5. Shelley says

    The King’s wife is Queen Consort, I agree with Princess Anne! I love her no nonsense attitude! The only person who holds the Queen Consort in high regard, is her husband.
    The Princess of Wales is one of the most popular members of the Royal Family as the mother of a future King, eyes will always be on her!

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