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Royal Family News: Queen Camilla Enraged Princess Anne By Changing Her Title

British royal family news divulges that King Charles and Queen Camilla were crowned in a lavish ceremony on May 6 at Westminster Abbey.

The entire day was magnificent and historic but there were one or two hiccups. Did you hear the one about Princess Kate and Camilla meowing at each other? Let’s dissect this dish and see what really happened between the two most powerful royal women.

Royal Family News: Kate Middleton Is a Princess

On the day of Charles’ coronation tension between Kate and Camilla surfaced when “the Princess of Wales seemed visibly upset with Camilla and opted not to curtsy her at the ceremony,” according to CheatSheet.

One royal expert thinks that Kate was also disappointed that just four members of the Middleton family were present, but Camilla had over twenty members of her family at the ceremony.

Royal Family News: Queen Camilla Enraged Princess Anne By Changing Her Title

The outlet alleges that this has the potential to create a royal feud but apparently Kate is not the only royal female to have a problem with Camilla who the media nicknamed Coronationzilla.

It’s been reported that Princess Anne “confronted Camilla regarding her title change.” It seems that before the ceremony, Buckingham Palace announced that Camilla would drop her title of Queen Consort and instead go with the title of Queen, causing some disdain with Anne saying something about it during the dinner.

Royal Family News: Camilla’s Title Change

According to Express, a royal source spilled that Anne told Camilla that she would always call her Queen Consort, despite the title change with the forthright Princess saying: “You’re not Queen, you’re the Queen’s Consort.”

Royal pundit Tom Bower told the Daily Mail’s Dan Wootton that Kate not curtsying to Camilla could be a sign of tension between the two royals.

Royal Family News: William Upset With Camilla?

Bower explained “If you look at the Coronation footage, as the King and Queen leave the thrones and head for the exit of Westminster Abbey, you’ll see that everyone bows and curtsies to the King and no one moves a limb, a muscle, when Camilla passes. And that’s because they were angry with her. No one moves.”


Beside Kate and Anne, Bower stated that Prince William was also not pleased with his stepmother, noting that the future king “did not mention Camilla at the coronation concert the next day.”

Bower sees this as “a clear indication that tensions were present between the families.” Tell us royal fans, is there tension between the royals and Camilla?

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  1. Wendy okamurs says

    I feel since “royalty” has existed there have been infidelities, crime &murder of spouses, etc by royal standards this union is justified
    Wat I don’t get is…royalty!! Um shud Biden be considered royalty? Just cuz they interbred doesn’t make them superior. Quite the opposite even when they lure an outsider in they must be “special”. B.S. good luck William. Just be a leader and knock off the holier than thot crap. Future generations won’t buy it!

  2. Elaine says

    Yes, I think it is very un couth that Camilla to insist on being called queen when she is the wife of Charles. It shows just how insecure she is herself. I would for one like Processed Ann put her in her place. As said she bore Charles no children so she has not earned the extra fanfare.

  3. Theresa Mathis says

    I think that not letting Harry dress properly for the goings on that they thought that he would look bad to the world. What happened made The King and his Concort look like them were in the wrong. Which they were. Harry stood up to them by showing with all the pride he needed to have to tell them that they were the pattie ones. Harry hold you head up. They re going to visit the wrong g place in the after life. Not your family. Just watch yours backs they are evil.

  4. Tina says

    Camilla should be walked through the streets of England with a giant A stitched to her.she is no queen.the queen didn’t even take part in thier wedding and they weren’t allowed to marry at Westminster Abbey.
    And second Kate is acting kinda petty complaining about only 4 of her family members where there and Camilla had 20 …well yeah it was Camilla being crowned not Kate.

  5. Pamela Hales says

    I don’t like the Monarchy period they need a new government!!!

  6. No royal fan says

    Yep! Couldn’t wait to get queen Elizabeth out of the way to spit in her face by doing stuff they know she wouldn’t like. But, Charles isn’t any better! Pretending to want Harry around just to treat him like crap when he is there. I feel bad that nothing Harry has tried has gotten Charles and William to wake up and treat him like the loyal kin he is!

  7. Sharon says

    Looks like Camilla is getting is getting her nose rubbed in the dirt. Queen Elizabeth said before she died that she would only been known as Queen Consort. But she put so much pressure on Charles that he agreed to dropped the Consort, sorry the won’t be another Queen until William becomes King which would make Kate Queen. Let’s see if she bows to Kate. I don’t think Charles can take too much of her because he has become so controlling. I am sick to death of her son, he is as bad as his mother. She is trying to bring her kids into the royal family and they are not royals.

  8. Aaron says

    I agree with Princess Anne. Camilla is trying to sneak in the backdoor and claim a title that that doesn’t belong to her. If I were Prince William, Princess Catherine, or Princess Anne, I would be pissed too. Camilla is nothing but a home wrecking whore.

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