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Royal Family News: Sarah Ferguson Boasts About Paying Disgraced Prince Andrew’s Bills

British royal family news reveals that brash Sarah Ferguson showed up to be seen at the latest stop in her PR blitz in support of her new book, A Most Intriguing Lady. She arrived to her NYC event in a bold white leather studded jacket and looked simply radiant, her long red tresses cascading down her shoulders. Later the Duchess of York sat for an interview with Glamour editor Samantha Barry.

Royal Family News – Fergie’s Fun Sense of Style

Fergie’s fun fashion sense also included a black skirt, tall boots, and green reading glasses. Fergie has written both children’s books and romance novels, and her latest offering,draws upon historical characters and biographical elements from the Duchess’ life and family lineage.”

Royal Family News – Sarah Ferguson Duchess of York

During her recent spate of appearances, the mother of Princess Eugenie and Beatrice has gone off topic to discuss her live-in relationship with her disgraced ex-husband Prince Andrew. The two split in 1996, following publication of cringe pics showing her lover sucking her toes.

Royal Family News: Sarah Ferguson Boasts About Paying Disgraced Prince Andrew’s Bills

Hours before the NYC event Fergie told Hello! magazine that she is financially supporting Prince Andrew, both of whom live in taxpayer subsidized housing. Early last year the Duke of York paid millions of dollars to settle a sex abuse case brought against him. At the time it was reported that his late mother, Queen Elizabeth, ponied up some of the money given to his accuser in an out of court settlement.

Royal Family News – Fergie Is The Provider

She told the outlet, “Since he stepped back [from royal duties] he doesn’t actually take taxpayers’ money. And I’m in a position where I can support him and the rest of the family through my work. And I’m really pleased and proud to do that.”

In an eyebrow raising interview with The Telegraph last week, Fergie stated that she intends to always step up for her former spouse and current roommate, in part due to a sense of duty toward her late MIL.

She said, “During the last three years, her poor son has been going through such a tumultuous time. And I think HM was very relieved I could help her with him, so we became even closer, then.” We’re not sure if Fergie intended to make Andrew sound like a bit of a charity case, but here we are.

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