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Royal Family News: This Is Why Prince William Doesn’t WANT To Be King

 William British royal family news reveals that the monarchy is a living, breathing institution. Despite claims that the outfit is outdated, stuffy, and lifeless, those assertions could not be further from the truth.

Disgraced Prince Harry is one of the most vocal opponents of the crown, but is it a coincidence that he will never hold its highest office? He is on the outside looking in, the spare to the heir, forever in second place, and as time goes on, sinking lower into obscurity. Perhaps that is why he clacks so loudly about the unjustness of it all—sour grapes make whine, not wine.

It is Harry’s brother William who will one day be king, and after him, his children inherit his birthright. Harry, upon his birth in 1984, was third in line to the throne. Now Prince William’s children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis are directly behind him and Harry is sixth in line.

And yet William himself is not eager to ascend the throne. Here’s why.

Royal Family News – William Is Not Anxious To Ascend

According to Marie Claire, William stated, “I certainly don’t lie awake at night waiting or hoping for it. Because it sadly means my family has moved on, and I don’t want that.”

That’s because he becomes king upon his father’s death. It is a promotion tinged with sadness, a morbid factor always associated with being the monarch. The current monarch, Queen Elizabeth, became queen in her 20’s after the untimely death of her beloved father.

And now William’s father, Prince Charles, will begin his reign, presumably in his 70s, once Her Majesty passes.

Royal Family News – Charles Will Be The Next Monarch

Prince William surprisingly told Nicholas Witchell told that “his future as a monarch is not at the top of [his] priority list.”

Ironically it was the runaway royal Harry who once told Newsweek, “Is there anyone of the royal family who wants to be king or queen? I don’t think so.” He noted that no one looks forward to the death of a family member but, “we will carry out our duties at the right time.”

Royal Family News – Prince George Will One Day Be King

Eventually, William’s son George will ascend to the throne. But at just 8-years old he has a long, long time before he has to carry the heavy thoughts as his father and grandfather before him.

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