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Samantha Markle Is Still Trying To Take Meghan Markle To Court

While there’s no doubt that you can say a lot of things about Samantha Markle, almost everyone would agree that she’s very persistent, especially when it comes to the things that she wants.

There’s a new report that says Samantha has refiled her defamation case against Meghan Markle. This, despite the fact that her original case was already thrown out by a judge for not having enough evidence. Here’s what you need to know.

Samantha Markle – Is Still Trying To Take Meghan Markle To Court

In her original court case, Samantha was trying to prove that she had made “false and malicious” statements about her as well as about her own personal life, too.

If that weren’t enough, Samantha was also looking forward to her day in court. That’s because she wanted to ask both Prince Harry and Meghan Markle about some of the claims they made suggesting that the royal family was racist back in 2021.

Samantha Markle Is Still Trying To Take Meghan Markle To Court

And now Samantha is at it again as she is blaming Meghan Markle’s fans for harassing her. She said that they supposedly launched “hate-filled smear campaigns” against her. What’s more, Samantha has also been the target of “death threats” and “trolls” who hacked her Twitter account.

Many critics have commented on the matter with, “Of course she refiled. She has nothing else to do or to live for. She’s gross and desperate and has no dignity.

This seems to be the character trait that a lot of these white people have. Losers,” along with, “The judge is going to throw out this amendment too. Bringing in the docuseries is an act of desperation.”

Does Samantha Markle Have A Fighting Change?

Another critic wrote, “How is she paying her legal fees? Is her lawyer taking this case based on some [delusionally] expected multi-million dollar payout from Meghan?

That and one or more British tabloid is footing the bill. They don’t care if the case goes nowhere, it’s an investment in Megan clicks for them.”

Watch this space as we have a feeling that there is so much more royal drama to come. Tell us celebrity gossip fans, how do you feel about this story? Contribute to the buzz by dropping us a line with your thoughts in our comments section below. Also Come back here often for royal family news and updates.

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