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Sarah Ferguson Sold the £1.5m Mansion She Got From the Late Queen For This Reason

You may have noticed that even though it’s been nearly three decades since Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson divorced, she continues to remain close to the royal family.

Well, Sarah continued to enjoy a close relationship with the Queen up until her death on September 8, 2022.

In fact, after the Queen died, she was given the Queen’s corgis to take care of, and what fun they have. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, take a peak at her Instagram page.

Sarah Ferguson’s – Close Bond With The Late Queen Earned Her A Mansion Following Split From Husband

The late Queen Elizabeth and Sarah Ferguson continued to remain close even after her relationship with her son Prince Andrew had run its cause.

Sarah Ferguson Sold the £1.5m Mansion She Got From the Late Queen For This Reason

This was evident in the way the Queen gifted her a £1.5 million mansion for her and her daughters to live in following the divorce.

Sarah herself has competently paid back this kindness with love, writing when the monarch died: “You were a wonderful friend, a mentor, a second mother to me and grandmother to my daughters who share so much of your courage and heart. You will always be loved and missed by our family and our nation.”

While the gesture was deeply appreciated by the Duchess of York, circumstances made her to sell the house before she could enjoy it.

The lavish seven bedroom Surrey mansion, known as Birch Hall, was meant to house Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugene as they grow.

Though the house was grand and lovely, Sarah refused to move into it because of her fears that she couldn’t afford the cost of maintaining such a property. Before it was eventually sold in 1999, the house remained empty for two whole years.

Later on, Sarah moved in with Andrew at the Royal Lodge in Windsor. As a result of their shared lifestyle, they have often been referred to as “the happiest divorced couple in the world.”

They have not only raised their children together, but they’re hands-on grandparents as well.

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