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Sussex Squad Members Are Concerned About Meghan Markle’s Appearance

Does this mean that everything is not ok in paradise? Maybe, maybe not. Royal Family News says that a lot of people seem to be concerned about Meghan Markle’s appearance lately.

Actually, make that the Sussex squad. Many people have noticed that the Duchess of Sussex has been looking a little more gaunt lately, prompting some people to speculate that she might have lost weight due to all the stress that she’s dealing with in her life right now. Here’s what you need to know.

Sussex Squad Members Are Concerned About Meghan Markle’s Appearance

Just this past week Meghan Markle was spotted running her errands while she was out and about in Montecito.

And while there’s nothing really news-worthy about that, there were a lot of people who noticed that she wore a wool jacket in the California heat.

Sussex Squad Members Are Concerned About Meghan Markle’s Appearance

She also looked more frail than ever before. What’s more, it was also noted that Meghan wore $5,000 worth of unseasonably warm-looking clothes while she was out.

Of course, it’s never fair to speculate on a woman’s weight, but both Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have given people a cause for concern, given how the last twelve months have not been kind to them.

They lost their multi-million dollar contract with Spotify. Harry’s tell-all book, Spare, was heavily criticized, despite being a best-seller. The royal family still refuses to talk to them.

And what’s more, they are feeling the heat with all of their mounting bills. If that weren’t enough, there have been all of the rumors and reports suggesting that she and Prince Harry are moving towards splitsville, although none of that has been confirmed just yet.

Harry And Meghan Are Hanging On By A Thread

It goes without saying that life has to be very stressful for Meghan Markle, and especially since she’s in the public eye. Now, whether or not Harry and Meghan’s marriage will survive by the end of the year remains to be seen, but for now it looks like they might be hanging on by a thread.

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  1. Norma C. says

    I hate to say it but they got what they wanted and now they don’t want it. Such is life when you are rich and spoiled. She got the fame but now that’s backfiring on her. He wrote a book and lied about the family and how he was treated and now he’s been kicked out of the family circle. She saw a guy she could manipulate to the point his family no longer wants him. He may be able to redeem himself with his family if the split happens. It’s too bad but just another life in the mega rich. They say they have no money but I’m sure Harry has money from somewhere stacked away.

  2. Martha says

    I imagine Markle wore the wool coat and cashmere sweater because she knew the absurdity of it would guarantee front page news coverage. Just another PR STUNT! SHE can’t even be happy for her husband. She needs to get over herself…no one cares!

  3. ShanLee says

    It’s all rubbish. No one knows anything about this couple other than themselves and their inner circle. You “writers” plant suggestions that have no basis in fact and people who don’t like the couple anyways grab onto it and comment as if it is true. Just another opportunity to bully and bash them. It’s just sad that these types of writers have no integrity and no dignity and that some people believe it all to be true. Junk writers are all they are.

    1. GapGirl says

      I agree. First off the royal family doesn’t speak to them so how can they comment. As far as the Spotify deal
      they also got rid of Barack Obama’s podcast. All this is speculation. Harry and Meghan wanted out of royal family so they left. Harry wanted to tell his side of how he felt growing up. We can all sit here and rip people apart but none of us grew up like he did. None of knows what goes on behind closed doors.

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