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The Royal Family Have A Plan To ‘Control’ Prince Harry And Meghan Markle

Royal Family News suggests that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle won’t have it easy, should they decide to attend King Charles’ Coronation in May.

Now that they have been officially invited, there are new reports that says the royal family are planning to “control” their each and every move, as they don’t want the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to do or say anything that might ruin what will most likely be King Charles’ most important day of his reign. Here’s what you need to know.

The Royal Family – Have A Plan To ‘Control’ Prince Harry And Meghan Markle

According to royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams, Harry and Meghan will have to be on their best behavior, should they want to hang with the royals this summer.

Because of everything that they’ve so far said in the Netflix series Harry and Meghan and again in Harry’s book, Spare, the royals have every reason not to trust them. That, and they also want to make sure that whatever conversations they have with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex remain private.

The Royal Family Have A Plan To ‘Control’ Prince Harry And Meghan Markle

Fitzwilliams put it this way to the publication, “It has always been clear that King Charles would invite Harry and Meghan to the Coronation. As a symbol of national unity, he believes this is important. However their response is uncertain and raises an acute dilemma for them.

On the one hand, they want discussions with senior royals and accountability for what they believe they went through when they were senior working royals. They believe that, together with the press, the royal family sought to drive them into exile. They want an apology. They will not get it.”

The royal expert also said that it would be in Harry and Meghan’s best interest to attend the Coronation, seeing how their only claim to fame right now is their connection to the royal family. Yet, while they are there it will be the royal courtiers who will try to control the narrative.

Will Harry And Meghan Show Up To The Chubbly?

He said, “They will be strictly controlled as they were during the Platinum Jubilee celebrations. Discussions with other royals will focus on the weather. So the dilemma is theirs. They won’t be missed if they don’t come by much of the British public.

However if they don’t they risk appearing an irrelevance and polls in America have shown a seismic drop in their support. Since they have not decided on constructive careers and the endless interviews, the memoir and threats of more memoirs are recent proof of this, I suspect they dared not stay away. We shall see.”

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  1. BEN says

    I blame King Charles for spoiling Harry when he was young. King Charles gives into Harry & Megans whims. I am getting sick of the whole thing. I don’t believe there will be a Monarchy by the time William & Kate take the Reign. Prince Charles is old and out of touch with the young people and that is why “The Queen” wanted William & Kate to be King & Queen. They are young and popular with the people. If the money is so tight, don’t have a big,fancy,expensive Cornation.

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