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Will Queen Elizabeth Attend Remembrance Sunday?

Queen Elizabeth For the past month, Queen Elizabeth has been laying low. However, Sunday is Remembrance Sunday. It would be hard to imagine Her Majesty not being a part of this very important day.

Will Queen Elizabeth II attend Remembrance Sunday?

On Thursday, Buckingham Palace confirmed that the Queen will be attending the 2021 Remembrance Sunday ceremony. According to Reuters, the Palace made a statement. “The Queen will attend the annual Remembrance Day Service at the Cenotaph on Sunday 14th November.”

In addition, on Thursday, Prince Charles confirmed that “she’s all right,” when asked about his mother’s health.

There was a lot of concern Her Majesty could not attend since being hospitalized in October. This will be her first public appearance since her illness. She was in hospital in mid-October, much to the surprise of the media, who were kept in the dark.

Furthermore, her recent absences have continued to concern many. She canceled a trip to Northern Ireland, as well as COP26 in Glasgow earlier this month. Instead of attending COP26, she sent a video message discussing climate change. In this message, she paid tribute to her late husband, Prince Philip, and his support of environmental issues.

The Queen Is Head Of Armed Forces

Why is it so important that the Queen attend Remembrance Sunday? That is because Queen Elizabeth II is the head of the armed forces. Therefore, she always leads the United Kingdom in acts of remembrance.

This traditionally includes being the first to place a wreath at the Cenotaph. This is the World War I memorial located in central London. This gesture pays tribute to all of the lives lost in British and Commonwealth conflicts that occurred in the past century.

After Queen Elizabeth, the Prime Minister, Opposition Leader, Mayor of London, and other political figures, members of the armed forces, and other officials follow suit.

However, do not expect the Queen to lay the wreath. She has not done so since 2017. Now, Prince Charles represents the sovereign. Instead, Queen Elizabeth is present, but sitting on a balcony of the Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office building, observing the ceremony. This is likely what she will do this year.

Last year, neither Prince Andrew nor Prince Harry participated in this event. The former, due to the Jeffrey Epstein scandal, Andrew has stepped away from royal duties. In the case of the latter, Prince Harry, along with Meghan Markle, has chosen to step away from royal life.

Why Does The Queen Wear Five Poppies?

There is a bit of a mystery regarding the five poppies she wears. Some theories are that it resembles a piece of jewelry or corsage. Other theories share that this is a symbol of her royal authority. While a third theory is that she wears five to represent the Army, Navy, RAF, Civil Defense, and Women.

However, the Queen has never explained her reason for five poppies. Moreover, will she be wearing five on Sunday?

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