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Alaskan Bush People: Bear Brown Fans Stress As Raw Emotion Shows

Alaskan Bush People fans were so happy for Bear Brown because he and Raiven reunited after multiple splits. Of course, they also loved that the little family of three expanded with another child who became the younger sibling to cute River. Well, Cove and River seem to live with their mom now, and Bear is alone again up on his mountain in Washington. Fans saw a recent photo that made them worry about his state of mind as raw emotion seemed to be written all over it. 

Alaskan Bush People – Raievn & Bear Brown Split Again

Sometimes, Raiven makes it difficult for fans to know what’s going on. She will sometimes post about her problems with Bear, go so far, and then clam up. Also, she’s well known for changing the name of her social media account. Or, she deletes, hides, and archives things. Actually, it frustrates people when she does that. Some fans feel that she wants the attention, but then backs off when she gets it. But what fans do know, is that the couple split, and the kids seem to be with her in Texas. 

In the middle of this month, Bear told his Alaskan Bush People followers that he was on his way back to the mountains in Washington. He planned to go back to the ranch and carry on living his dad’s dream. Remember, when Billy was still alive, he had a lot of plans for the place. But he died, and it seems that most of the family don’t live there permanently. In his, post he told his Discovery fans that he would mostly be off the grid, so do not expect to see much of him. 

Bear Brown

Alaskan Bush People – The Cabin That Never Was Home

At one stage, Bear planned a nice wooden cabin for Raiven, the kids, and himself. However, it never really got off the ground. And some fans don’t believe that Raiven really wants to live in a cabin on a mountain. Actually, she tends to look happier when she’s out and about in towns and cities. 

Alaskan Bush People Bear Brown Fans Stress As Raw Emotion Shows
Bear Brown / Instagram

When Bear posted a photo this weekend, one Alaskan Bush People fan opined, “I didn’t think it was going to work out between them anyway, because I just don’t think Ra[i]ven is the type of girl that’s gonna live up there on the mountain and live like Bear does.”

Alaskan Bush People – Fans Comment On Raw Emotion

Alaskan Bush People fans thought they saw raw emotional pain in Bear’s face. His caption just said, “Bad headache,” but he really seemed to look down. One follower wrote, “Are you sad cause that is what is showing on your face. ❤️ take care and know it’s okay to feel, to miss, and to feel down, but we all need to get back up…”

Another fan said, “Gee Bear, i hope your doing alright? Keep the faith friend. “

If Bear gets back some internet connection again, hopefully, he will see that many other followers care and are rooting for him as he seems to be in obvious emotional pain. Do, you agree? Let us know in the comments below. 

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