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Alaskan Bush People Star Bear Brown Has A Hard Time On The Ranch

Fans of Alaskan Bush People were overjoyed when Bear Brown reunited with his on-again-off-again partner Raiven, and the arrival of little Cove was a special treat as well.

However, it appears that Cove and his older sibling River are now living with their mother, and Bear is once again alone on his mountain in Washington. To make matters worse, Bear is facing serious challenges at the moment.

Alaskan Bush People: Bear Brown Retreated To The Mountian

In mid-June, there was a big announcement from Discovery star Bear Brown, as he expressed his plan to move to the mountain ranch permanently. Bear actually had plans to build a cute cabin on the ranch for his wife Raiven and their sons, but unfortunately, the couple separated before their youngest son was born.

Alaskan Bush People Star Bear Brown Has A Hard Time On The Ranch

Certainly, it seems as if Raiven has remained in Texas. As a result, some fans speculated that Bear had given up on reconciliation and decided to escape to the mountains to heal and try to find solace.

Alaskan Bush People fans saw that Bear wasn’t up on his mountain ranch for very long before he looked worse for wear. Actually, some people feared for his mental health. He shared a somber photo of himself. So, many people reached out to assure him that they care about him. One problem he faces is that he only runs the generator a few hours a day and internet connectivity is confined to just a few places. So, they don’t hear from him much. But this week, they heard that he has a hard time on his hands right now. 

Alaskan Bush People: Bear Brown Shares A Problem

Apart from not being with his sons, Bear now has a big problem with running his generator. So, he felt frustrated. Sharing it on Instagram Stories, he directed fans to his TikTok account, There, he explained that he did just about everything he could think of. But, then the generator just “won’t start.” In fact, given the way he grew up, he probably knows a lot about generators and their awful temperaments! 

Alaskan Bush People Star Bear Has A Hard Time On The Ranch
Bear Brown / Instagram Stories

In his video on TikTok, the Alaskan Bush People star sounded a bit bitter, saying, “Unfortunately, all my siblings are too busy to help me, so I’m completely on my own.” Then he added, “But I’m getting kind of used to that.”  Aww! Bear is a fan favorite, so naturally, they feel bad for him. But others offered some practical advice. 

Advice For The Discovery Star

Alaskan Bush People fans who know a bit about generators tried to offer some advice. One of them said, “Put a little gas in spark plug hole put plug back in and try to start if start up for a minute jets in carb are clogged good luck.”

Meanwhile, another person suggested that there might be a problem with “the oil level switch.” More advice followed from a “coil” problem to how he starts it, which level it’s at, and all of that kind of stuff.

Some folks suggested that he should “Call Noah.” Well, he already claimed his family doesn’t seem to be available for him. Hopefully, he gets to find out the problem so he can get his power back up and running. 


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