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Alaskan Bush People Star Bear Brown Says He Is Nothing

Alaskan Bush People star Bear Brown seems to swing from great highs to very low lows. This week, he’s on a high and he told his Discovery fans that he is “nothing without Raiven and the boys!”

Alaskan Bush People – Bear Brown Is With His Family

Raiven Adams and Bear married and fans were very happy for them. However, they also tend to separate a lot and Discovery fans don’t like that. Bear gets down, and it pulls the children away from their father. When River arrived, Bear seemed broken because of issues between them. And then Cove arrived during yet another separation

Alaskan Bush People fans love it when Raiven and Bear get things sorted out and spend time together. Actually, Bear couldn’t be happier when he’s with his two boys. And somehow, he and Raiven seem to click no matter how many times she leaves him. Recently, he came down off his mountain and hooked up with his kids and he’s enjoying summer with his little family.  

Bear Brown

Alaskan Bush People – ‘Nothing’ Without The Kids

A few days ago, Bear went onto his Instagram and shared a photo of Raiven with him and the two boys. River looked so handsome and cute, and Cove sat in his mom’s arms. Bear, meantime, looked cleanshaven, young, and so happy as he took the selfie of the family. 

Alaskan Bush People Star Bear Brown Says He Is Nothing
Bear Brown / Instagram

In his caption, the Alaskan Bush People star wrote, “Went to a park! Had lots of fun! I would be nothing without Raiven and the boys! Don’t know how I got so lucky, I have more then I could have ever asked for, more then I could have ever imagined (sic)!”

Alaskan Bush People  – Discovery Fans React

Alaskan Bush People fans took to the comments and here’s what some of them said:

A beautiful picture of you and your family! I wish you all the love and God’s blessings .

I can’t believe how fast the kids are growing! Well Done to you All.

Now that is what I call A smart looking Bear with his beautiful Bear cub’s and a wonderful mother Bear .

Beautiful family! Glad to see you’re back together, as it should be! Stay happy – life is short ❤️.

Nothing gives peace like a beautiful family .”

Some Discovery fans just hope that the couple stops splitting and separating. Well, the good news is that recently, Raiven said that they tend to compromise more these days, and they are probably done with living separate lives. Hopefully, it stays that way. Do you agree? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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