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Big Brother 25 HoH Comp Results, Plus New Details On Head Of Household Nominations

Big Brother 25 (BB25) livefeed spoilers tease that a new Head of Household was crowned for Week One. When the feeds returned from the HOH competition, Reily Smedley was sporting the HOH key around her neck.

After the competition, Jared Fields chatted about the upcoming nominations. On the season premiere of Big Brother, the season’s first competition resulted in four nominations for Week One.

The houseguests anxiously await the nomination ceremony, which will commence on Friday, August 4.

There’s buzz about what power the HOH will possess, with four people already on the block. We have the details, so keep reading to learn more about what to expect this week on Big Brother 25.

Big Brother 25 HoH Comp Results, Plus New Details On Head Of Household Nominations

Big Brother 25 Spoilers: HOH Competition Results

The feeds cut around 1:00 BBT (Big Brother Time. After the feeds were off for over an hour, Big Brother 25 fans assumed that the Head of Household competition was underway. At 3:30 BBT, the feeds returned with Reily wearing the HOH key around her neck.

Reily told Red Utley that she heard him fall during the competition. It sounds like they had to stand on something and outlast the other houseguests. However, we’ll have to wait until Sunday’s show to find out the details.

The other houseguests are feeling nervous about Reily’s win. They aren’t sure who she wants to target. She is friendly to everyone, which adds to the panic in the house.

The one person she seems to click with is Red. They enjoy each other’s company and seem to have each other’s back. It would be shocking for her to nominate him either at the nomination ceremony or the Power Of Veto (POV) ceremony.

BB25 Livefeed Updates: The Nomination Ceremony Is Causing Panic

With four houseguests on the block (Jared Fields, Felica Cannon, Cory Wurtrnberger, and Kirsten Elwin), it’s confusing the houseguest how the nomination ceremony will play out.

Jared told Matt Klotz and Cory about the upcoming nomination ceremony in the storage room. Jared believes that Reily will have the power to remove two of the four nominees from the block. She won’t be able to nominate anyone else, only remove Jared, Cory, Felica, or Kirsten from the block.

The nomination ceremony should take place on Friday, August 4. After the nomination ceremony, the Big Brother 25 houseguests should update the livefeeders about the nominations for Week One.

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