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Big Brother Host Julie Chen Moonves Talks Legends And Celebrity ‘Dream Season’!

Big Brother spoilers reveal the show’s host Julie Chen Moonves dropping clues to a Legends season in the winter. But the teasers don’t end there, with the strike opening the door to A-list celebrities. 

Find out what the Big Brother’s host revealed. And keep reading to learn how the SAG-AFTRA strike could impact Big Brother plans. Plus: Can you guess Julie’s Big Brother celebrity dream list?

Big Brother Spoilers – Strike Impacts Plans

The Hollywood strikes caused many productions to come to a halt. And producers quickly turned to reality TV shows for the fall. As a result, many networks offered expanded versions of those non-scripted shows.

Big Brother Host Julie Chen Moonves Talks Legends And Celebrity 'Dream Season'!


For instance, Survivor and The Amazing Race both became supersized. And Big Brother has gone from a summer show to an extension to November. However, as the actors (SAG-AFTRA) strike continues, Big Brother host Julie Chen Moonves talked with EW about a possible winter edition of Celebrity Big Brother.

And Julie shared that she had asked about the potential for Big Brother to serve as counter-programming for the Winter Olympics. “I have been poking around with the producers asking the same question,” confessed the Big Brother host.

Big Brother Spoilers – Bring On The Celebrities!

Because of the strike, Julie feels that Big Brother could become a popular show. However, she cautioned that the network has “not made the call yet.” But Chen feels that the strike could mean the possibility of attracting A-list celebrities.

“Now we can book the celebrities. This is something that they can participate in, like with Dancing With the Stars. They’re available now and people want to work,” pointed out the Big Brother host.

And amid the strike, Celebrity Big Brother could feature musicians, athletes, and reality TV stars. However, Julie suggested a twist on the concept. And the Big Brother host teased “a month’s worth that is special in its own way. Maybe you bring back Legends, for those are the real Big Brother celebrities.”

Big Brother Spoilers – Host Shares Celebrity Dream List

Big Brother champion Rachel Reilly proposed such a concept last year. And she shared her belief that “the Big Brother fan base would love to see Rachel, Janelle, Danielle Reyes and Vanessa play together. This would be my DREAM COME TRUE!” she gushed. And Rachel added, “Maybe we can save that for a ‘best of’ season in the Celebrity Big Brother spot. I think we could all make it happen during a three-week season. Hint… hint, CBS.”

And Julie agrees. “They could play a fast, one-month version. Or maybe we get three months worth starting in January or February. Even if the strike ended right now, nothing’s going to go into production until January, so maybe you do need a month’s worth of Big Brother just to fill.”

However, the Big Brother host sees two options. First, a Legends season could feature Rachel, Dan Gheesling, Taylor Hale, and Dr. Will. And second, Julie shared her celebrity dream list. “In my unrealistic dream season, it would be Tom Brady, Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian, Snoop Dogg, Martha Stewart — that whole group,” she confessed.

Tell us what you think. Which celebrities would you like to see on Big Brother? And after you share your views, check back on our site for more television news.

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