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The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Why Did Y&R Really Breakup Kyle and Lola?

The Young and the Restless: Kyle Abbott (Michael Mealor) and Lola Abbott (Sasha Calle)Kyle Abbott (Michael Mealor) and Lola Abbott (Sasha Calle) aren’t together on ‘The Young and the Restless’. Reaching a mutual decision, the couple that came to be known as ‘Kola’ decided to split.

Fans of what was arguably Y&R’s most endearing pairing are understandably upset. Why was so much plot time put into developing this particular couple, only to have it dashed on what feels like a pushed outcome?

Theo Vanderway’s (Tyler Johnson) clash with his cousin, Kyle, and a crush on Lola could be cited as the forces that fueled the end of ‘Kola’. But something else happened recently that offers a plausible explanation for decision-makers to dissolve the chemistry that Mealor and Calle projected through their characters.

The Young And The Restless Spoilers – Tyler Johnson Shows Mariah Copeland A Photo

Tessa Porter (Cait Fairbanks) and Tanner Watts (Chase Coleman) were seen in a photo that was posted to spark speculation and hoped-for controversy among fans of the touring singers, who were formerly married. The story-within-a-story might be a wink at Y&R’s fans as well.

Sure, this is pure speculation and it’s not an identical comparison. But it’s fair to believe that separating Kyle and Lola, then remixing them with Summer Newman (Hunter King) and Theo was planned from the start in order to stir the fans.

Of course, that type of intentional act would be risky, as fans who invested time and emotions in Kyle and Lola’s relationship could be alienated. The gamble would be in believing that this group would stick around to support each character’s next chapter in the split storyline and in thinking that other fans would start to watch.

Y&R Spoilers – Skyle Was A Real Couple

There’s no denying that Summer and Kyle, as played by various actors in recent years, were a legitimate couple. King’s return to the cast in 2018, after a brief respite, resulted in a re-imagining of her character.

Rebelling against the ‘Snowflake’ Mariah Copeland (Camryn Grimes) tagged her as in the past, Summer stormed back into town with intense bravado. Her reckless, me-first attitude eventually served to alienate Kyle. He, in turn fell in love with Lola.

The Young And The Restless Spoilers – Kola Wasn’t Just A Rebound

Kyle insisted that the love he had for Lola was real. Feeling heartbroken, Kyle attempted to assure his wife that the deeper feelings he admittedly always retained for Summer doesn’t mean that he didn’t believe in ‘Kola’s’ marriage.

Yes, it’s complicated to explain away a romance that came to dominate a significant portion of Y&R’s episodes within the last year. But longtime soap fans know that this may have been the plan.

Write ‘Kola’ into a realized marriage with the intent of tearing it down just months after the wedding and before children expanded that family. Reviving ‘Skyle’ and creating ‘Tola’ follows, as they have.

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  1. Guest says

    I am so sad that do not watch Y&R no more . Kola break up storylines made no sense. The writers rewrite of Kola story was BS . There was proper Justification that I notice in script that appeals to common sense. I honestly, Think no fan believes it. Breaking up Kola will not draw fans back but drive them way .They could written a better story . Theo is unless character who cannot act and many fans don`t like him. why would fans root ,he and Lola. To put Theo in relationship with Lola is death sentence for character fans would hate even more.

  2. Guest says

    1000% sad that why I give writers so much hate . Kola split show lack of ideas in writing ,also Bully fans to accept lie written in a story that made no sense.

  3. Guest says

    Nope, can’t stand to watch them together

  4. Guest says

    Very sad and disappointed in writers. Loved kola and skyle wasnt truly a couple til after kola they were an infatuation. Not watching since the breakup was complete nonsense and not believable. Love kola always wont watch unless they reunite.

  5. Guest says

    i was very say to see them split.1000% put them back together please

  6. Guest says

    yes, I was disappointed that the writers split up Kola, WTH they were only married for 6mts, after all the drama the led to the wedding.
    I have also stopped watching YnR because the kola storylines area all FOS. Lola is hooked up with Theo, give me a break. Theo will end up hurting lola in the end.
    Please writers, write off the mother/daughter duo, they are the most despicable characters not only in the fictional sense but in reality, these women would be so scorned by the town

  7. Guest says

    Yes, I was sad. I thought what a waste to build up their storyline just to put Kyle and Summer back together.

  8. Guest says

    Sad KOLA split. Really don’t like Skyle. I think you need to balance couples and Summer and Kyle are too alike. Lola brought out such nice things in Kyle. And he could’ve influenced her more too. Missed story line opportunities.

  9. Guest says

    I quit watching forever!

  10. Guest says

    I love it. I want Lola and Kyle’s “friend”. They will be hotter!!

  11. Guest says

    Yes. It doesn’t look right seeing him with Summer.

  12. Guest says

    I’ll never watch Y&R again. Sasha Calle was one of the best things they had and the writers destroyed her. And Phyllis with Nick makes me sick at the stomach. I loved Kyle with Lola!

  13. Guest says

    Yes, this soap marriage was way too short. This was a horrible decision on the part of the writers! Kyle and Lola are a much better couple and made Kyle Abbott seem like a fickle, selfish jerk who plays with women’s affections. The writers need to fix this stupid turn of events.

  14. Guest says

    Its laugh to put theo and Lola together. Most hate Theo character 95% and Place him with Lola is worse idea, they will never have the kind of fans base that people want to talk about. Everyone know he using her to get back at Kyle and that is why they introduce him in Y&R , so we not believe in any love story. The way y&R write couple now , most fans would not invest their time watch waste. No new fans will watch, when we explain how they mess up Kola for nonsense rewrite story. They want to create drama but writing is lame. I am Kola forever but i stop watching Y&R , They need to fix the writing.

  15. Jezz says

    I don't know what's wrong with these writers! Someone should point out to them the idea is for writers to entertain fans. They had a great story which fans loved with Kyle and Lola and what did they do give us a a panic, nonsense, rush job of Kyle getting back with Summer which very few fans found believable. It felt like they were panicking because Lola outshines Summer. So we have to watch the the old boring Kyle and Summer garbage just so Summer can remain front and center, obviously that matters more than the fans and an interesting believable story. It's no wonder fans have stopped watching.

  16. DJ2005 says

    Kyle and Summer are much hotter together!!! Kyle and Lola not a good match at all. No chemistry there. Much better chemistry with Summer. Lola is too boring for Kyle.

  17. Guest says

    The writers have disappointed fans once again by breaking up Kyle and Lola. I am very disappointed and the storyline really sucks when fans invest there time and emotions in a plot like they did with Kyle and Lola the writers should have ran with that and expand on that I have been watching Y&R from day one but I find myself skipping it on the days With Kyle summer and Phyllis are headlines

  18. Guest says

    Lola should have gotten pregnant by Kyle to complicate things more interesting than current story line

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