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Young and the Restless Spoilers Friday January 17: Victoria Learns About Billy And Amanda, Sharon Tells Her Kids The Cancer News, and Adam Surprises Victor

Young and the Restless Spoilers Friday January 17: Victoria Learns About Billy And Amanda, Sharon Tells Her Kids The Cancer News, and Adam Surprises VictorThe Young and the Restless spoilers for Friday January 17th indicate that Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle) learns about Billy Abbott’s (Jason Thompson) meetings with Amanda Sinclair (Mishel Morgan), Sharon Newman (Sharon Case) tells her kids she has cancer, and Adam Newman (Mark Grossman) tells Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) about his plan.

Young and the Restless Spoilers – Sharon tells the kids

Mariah Copeland (Camryn Grimes) is at Society when she receives a text from Sharon to come to the house.  At Sharon’s place, Rey Rosales (Jordi Vilasuso) comforts a nervous Sharon. Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow) arrives with Faith Newman (Alyvia Alyn Lind).

Faith apologizes for snooping and Sharon reassures her it’s okay. Faith starts crying as she braces herself for Sharon’s news. Sharon tells Faith she has cancer, then explains the diagnosis and treatment. Faith asks if Sharon’s going to die, and Sharon says she’s not going anywhere. Faith talks about a classmate named Trinity, whose mom had cancer. Faith says the woman had chemo and lost all her hair, but is better now. Rey then takes Faith into the other room so she can call Trinity. Mariah arrives and notices Sharon’s upset. When Mariah asks what’s going on, Sharon tells her about the cancer.

Mariah is stunned, then she starts asking Sharon what she can do to help. Sharon vows she’s going to fight this and Mariah suggest she and Nick make t-shirts. Sharon says that Faith is going to need Mariah more than ever, and Mariah says they fight like hell. Mariah and Sharon hug as Faith comes back in. Sharon explains to her daughters about self examinations, then takes them upstairs to show them the lump. When Nick and Rey are along they talk about how Sharon’s a strong woman.

Later Sharon, Faith, and Mariah return. They all agree Faith won’t return to boarding school. Sharon thanks everyone for their support and they all join hands as they proclaim they’ll do whatever they can to help her.

After everyone leaves, Sharon and Rey are alone and she confesses she’s terrified. He hugs her and promise they’ll get through this together.

When Mariah arrives home she calls Tessa Porter (Cait Fairbanks) and leaves a voicemail. Mariah says she loves her and misses her, and needs to hear her voice.

At Nick’s house, Faith is crying and trying to calm down before going back to Sharon’s place. Nick reminds her that Rey will be there and tells Faith that Sharon will be okay. Faith calms down, then she and Nick hug.

Young and the Restless Spoilers – Victoria learns about Billy and Amanda

Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott) arrives at Society to meet Victoria. Nikki says she can’t stay long because Adam and Chelsea Lawson (Melissa Claire Egan) are coming to the ranch for dinner. Victoria shows Nikki the bar receipt she found in Billy’s pocket and how Billy lied about it. Nikki advises Victoria to remind Billy that he can be completely honest with her. She also advises her daughter not to judge Billy.

Billy is at the dive bar with Amanda talking about his encounter with Lily Winters (Christel Khalil). He then says he lied about their friendship to Victoria. Billy explains how the outside world would see their bond as more than friendship. Amanda says if Billy feels like he has to constantly lie about them to others, he needs to ask himself why. Billy continues to insist he’s not looking for anything more than friendship. Amanda wants to know why he came to her and not Victoria after his talk with Lily. Billy continues to wonder if he’s a broken man. Amanda says he needs to talk with Victoria, if she doesn’t accept him as his core he deserves to know.

Billy comes home and tells Victoria he lied to her about the receipt. He says he loves her and is not seeing anyone else. He tells Victoria he’s going through some things and she tells him to open up to her. Billy talks about how Victoria doesn’t need to care so much and she responds that he needs help. Billy says he needs to be who he is and doesn’t want to feel ashamed all the time. Billy reveals that he’s been talking with Amanda and Victoria’s upset he’ll confide in a stranger, but not his wife. She talks about how Billy thrives on chaos, and she believes what they have isn’t love. She also says she doesn’t know who Billy is anymore. When Billy reaches out to her, she pulls away and says “don’t.”

Young and the Restless Spoilers – Adam’s plan

Adam and Chelsea are at the ranch with Victor. The trio are awaiting Nikki’s arrival, and Adam says that the two of them are a package deal. When Nikki arrives, Adam and Chelsea talk about Connor Newman’s (Judah Mackey) trip to the Grand Phoenix. When the conversation switches to Connor and Walnut Grove, Adam says he and Chelsea will figure that out. Victor comments on how proud he is of Adam for putting Connor’s interests above his. Nikki then pulls Victor aside for a private chat and reminds him that Adam’s happiness came at Nick’s expense.

The group eats dinner, then afterwards Adam and Victor chat. Adam says he’s going to prove his father’s wrong about Chelsea. He then tells Victor about his plan to relaunch Dark Horse and how it’ll be Connor’s legacy. Victor recalls how Nick started the company to compete with Newman Enterprises, which causes Victor and Adam to smirk at each other.

When Adam and Chelsea come back to the penthouse, he tells her of his plan to relaunch Dark Horse and she’s behind him all the way. Happy with her support Adam expresses his love, then they kiss.

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