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Young And The Restless Spoilers: Michael Baldwin Drops Phyllis Summers After Latest Stunt

Young and the Restless (Y&R) spoilers hint plenty of plot twists are on the horizon for the storyline centering around Phyllis Summers (Michelle Stafford) and her “death”. As Red recently revealed herself to her daughter Summer Newman-Abbott (Allison Lanier) it’s only a matter of time before everyone in Genoa City finds out that she’s alive. But will they find out she faked her own death and tried to pin it on Diane Jenkins (Susan Walters)?

At some point the truth will be revealed, and while many will be angry with her, they’ll likely come around. But what about Michael Baldwin (Christian LeBlanc)?

The Young And The Restless Spoilers – Michael Baldwin Has Been VERY Conflicted

Y&R spoilers suggest that Michael will continue to look for ways to exonerate Diane of her murder charges. With that said, Mr. Baldwin’s faced a ton of backlash and was placed between a rock and a hard place.

The Young And The Restless: Michael Baldwin (Christian LeBlanc)

He’s friends with both Jenkins and Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman), so initially he’s had to deal with their nagging and harassment to represent Jenkins and help her beat this case. But Phyllis is also a bestie of his.

As such, by agreeing to represent Diane, he’s dealing with many friends and naysayers that are judging him for his actions. He still feels weird about it.

Plus, there’s still the chance he may lose work because Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) will disassociate himself from the lawyer.

It’s been a moral struggle for Mr. Baldwin; however, likely the biggest negative surrounding this is the strife in his marriage to Lauren Fenmore (Tracey E. Bregman) that has resulted.

Y&R Spoilers – Surprise, Surprise, Phyllis Summers Is ALIVE

While Michael will be happy to learn Red is okay, once he finds out that she framed Diane for her murder, he’ll be upset. He may even drop his friendship with her, for good.

Not only because he initially badgered Diane, refrained from representing her, and consistently questioned her innocence, but also for all the drama he had to endure from friends and family, and the marriage issues he faced because of doing what he felt was “right”.

Will Michael ever forgive Phyllis for this latest stunt? Share your thoughts below! Tune into the Young and the Restless on CBS daily to see what happens next and visit this site for all the latest Y&R news and spoilers.

  1. Sylvia Jae-Louise says

    Phyllis needs to be punished and lose Michael Baldwin as a friend indefinitely when he learns she framed Diane

    1. Red is Wicked says

      I agree. She is such a narcissist with no boundaries who needs to be put in her place.

    2. Jane says

      Phyllis was set up !!!!!!!Phyllis helps the rating on Y&R If you remember rating when down when she left the show now that she came back they are up again. Yes She has done some wrong things She has no done the things that Victor and Jack have done and they have never paid for crimes

  2. Char says

    The Phyllis/Dianne story is absolutely without a doubt is the stupidest story line ever! The writers evidently can’t think of anything new to write about so they continually copy another previous story. I rarely watch this show anymore.

  3. Mes says

    Everyone should turn their backs on Phyllis. Plus, she needs to go to jail. Don’t let her skate on this one.

  4. Margaret says

    We still don’t know all the facts. Something is missing.

  5. ??????? says

    OMG here we go poor Diane what you reap you sow Diane was never punished for her past that caused Nicki and other’s problems and then all of a sudden she has changed (once a con artist always a con artist) plus Diane knew that Phyllis and Jack were a item so let’s scheme to break that relationship up because I want to be #1 in jacks life big house money important in the community and etc , plus all the lies she came with when she came back to try to mend things with her son and probably still lying about what she has up her sleeve-as far as Phyllis yes she has made some mistakes in the past -didn’t she stick with Jack when he found out about his granddaughter and when Diane appeared- I guess that doesn’t mean anything but I’ve never cared for Diane when she first came back to the Young and Restless and I think she needs to just disappear from the show – when I see her on the show I turn the channel

    1. Susan Ifland says

      Phyllis is smart so she should have said that Jeremy drugged her and kept her captive! To just come back and tell what she did is just not Phyllis’s M.O. She is to Savy to do it this way! Diane is a loser and still has secrets that she has not told! Miss goody two shoes is a snake in the grass and I hope she is let go!

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