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Young and the Restless Spoilers Monday, January 14: Arturo Confronts Mia – Billy Blasts Phyllis – Reed Leaving

Young and the Restless Spoilers Monday, January 14: Arturo Confronts Mia - Billy Blasts Phyllis - Reed LeavingYoung and the Restless” (Y&R) begins with Nick (Joshua Morrow) believing Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) is confused about her confession regarding her killing JT (Thad Luckinbill). He gets her to sit down as he says Victor (Eric Braeden) killed JT; but Nikki swears she killed him and Nick needs to know everything. Billy (Jason Thompson) feels sorry that he wasn’t there to protect Victoria (Amelia Heinle), wishing he could take the pain away from her; he would. She admits he has been her everything lately and she does love him but she isn’t comfortable with taking him on a ride he may not want to be on. He insists that he likes rides and kisses her on the cheek; reminding her they are good.

Y&R Spoilers Arturo Confronts Mia

Arturo (Jason Canela) confronts Mia (Noemi Gonzalez) wanting to know what the hell just happened, as this is just a page out of her old playbook. He thinks she gets off on having some kind of power over him. She reminds him that they were each other’s first and are stamped into the other’s heart. She says she came to GC because she loves Rey (Jordi Vilasuso), but feels he will never forget the past and is punishing her in more ways than one.

She complains at how Rey isn’t present like lovers and partners should be, and is angry that Rey held information back from her when he didn’t say he was with Sharon (Sharon Case). Arturo needs to leave, saying it is more dangerous to stay with her than out on the treacherous roads. Rey asks if Sharon is awake, but she pretends to be sleeping as they continue to share the same bed.

Young and The Restless Spoilers Nikki Reveals All To Nick

Nikki reveals everything to Nick about what Victoria was going through with JT, and how she couldn’t help her daughter when she needed her the most. Nick wishes he had known when JT was in town; but Nikki reminds him that he wouldn’t know what he would do until he was there as she explains when she walked in on JT beating Victoria and she snapped, to save her child. She thought she only knocked him out, but he had no pulse and after a moment the horror set in, wondering what she had done. She is relieved to know Nick agrees with that she had done.

Nick wants to know who “we” is and why they didn’t call the police as this is a case of self-defense but Nikki explains she hit him from behind, so no one knew about Victoria’s abuse except her therapist. Nick is shocked that Victoria was too ashamed to tell them. Nick learns they made a very bad decision, wrapping JT in a carpet and buried him in Chancellor Park underneath Katherine’s sculpture.

Nikki reveals this happened months ago and he quickly apologizes for impersonating JT as Nikki says she believes this person tormenting her is JT himself but it cannot be. She tells him about how different evidence has been popping up and this is what caused her to start drinking. Nick wants to amp up the security but she admits if they wanted to hurt her, they would have. She is more concerned about Victor being in jail and framed but Nick feels guilty for accusing his dad. Nikki assures him that Victor knows Nikki did it and is sitting in jail to protect her.

Phyllis (Gina Tognoni) sends several messages to Nick, even apologizing, but he isn’t answering. Nick talks about how someone will always be with her and Victoria, promising the guys will be discreet. Nikki is simply happy that Nick knows now. She wants to go to a meeting in order to keep her sobriety, asking him to not let this take over his life but he says his number one priority is to keep Nikki and Victoria safe, then clearing Victor’s name.

Y&R Spoilers Rey and Sharon Did Not Sleep Well

Sharon and Rey admit neither one of them slept well, but he feels offended that she thought he would have left her alone in the room; the roads are clear so they should be back in Genoa City within the hour. Sharon says she isn’t in a hurry to get back and suggests they stop for breakfast on the way home. Rey’s phone goes off, saying he needs to call his wife.

Young and The Restless Spoilers Arturo Tells Abby He Loves Her

Arturo reads the message from Abby (Melissa Ordway) and knocks on the Abbott manse door until she opens the door. He admits he didn’t get the message until this morning and tells her that he loves her. Abby questions why he would say this now but he says a lot of times he acts the way he does is because he is afraid of being hurt and that is why he has been distant. He has seen train wrecks, including his parents who were so happy at one point and then become so bitter and broken; he never wants to be his father.

Y&R Billy Confronts Phyllis

Billy confronts Phyllis at Crimson Lights but she doesn’t think she needs a lecture from him as she has beaten herself up like that but Billy is appalled that she would think of herself as a victim. He is angry how Phyllis robbed Victoria of sharing that private moment with Reed (Tristan Lake Leabu). She feels Billy should thank her for him being Victoria’s knight in shining armor.

Rey calls Mia, saying he had the phone turned off to save the battery; but she talks about the cheap mattress in the hotel, while he has an expensive, nice one at home. Sharon says he has nothing to feel guilty about and once they get back to town, everything will get back to normal as if nothing happened; both agree on no breakfast burrito.

Billy returns to Victoria’s, saying he is grateful that she would trust him enough to say, “I love you” to him, but he feels that is enough for him right now as he is also trying to get his life on track and for the first time in a long time, he actually likes himself and his life. Victoria smiles as Billy says he wants the status quo. He wants them both to be open with each other, without any expectations and she feels that sounds perfect.

Young and The Restless Reed Apologies To Victoria

Victoria is giving Reed the time and space to figure out his feelings; but he walks in, saying he isn’t avoiding her, only that he doesn’t know what to say. Reed apologizes to her as she holds him. Nikki takes the fire poker, looks at a bottle of vodka and approaches it.

Rey hugs Mia, saying he is happy to catch her before work, saying he is sorry for not making it back last night. He talks about catching the bad guys in the drug bust. He says once he caught the dealers, the snow and black ice made it impossible to get home. He realizes the apartment is warm as Mia tells him she called Sharon for help but learned she was in the same place Rey was.

Y&R Reed Tells Victoria He Wants To Go Back To School

Reed talks about how much grief he gave Victoria, especially after Hawaii. She knows it was confusing and upsetting for him. She does admit that no one is all good, nor all bad and life just didn’t go the way JT wanted but encourages Reed to cherish the good memories with his father. Billy tells him that JT will always be his dad and Victoria is sorry he found out in such a horrible way but is glad he knows the truth. Reed thinks things will get better now and wants to stay home for as long as she needs him to. He agrees that he wants to go back to school so they can all get on with their lives; Victoria agrees, staring at Billy.

Arturo loves how Abby sees family that fortifies her and makes her stronger; but he feels his family is the one that creates the hole in his life, rather than filling it. Abby didn’t know the history, but Arturo explains his affair with Mia was the biggest mistake of his life. He really didn’t think he deserved better than that but Abby tells him that is all over now.

Young and The Restless Rey Reassures Mia

Rey knew how Mia would react to omitting Sharon being there but he looks at Mia, wanting to know what she is lying to him about. She reveals it was Arturo who came to fix the furnace and that shouldn’t upset him. Rey is happy Arturo was there for her as he is done with the drama, wanting to leave it in the past. He wants to be in a place where they can trust each other. He reminds Mia that their marriage needs to be stronger than their suspicions. Mia says she misses him when he is gone, feels insecure and her thoughts bring her to a dark place. Rey says marrying her was the happiest day of his life and he is not going to let go of their marriage now. Mia accepts what he says and they kiss deeply on the couch.

Arturo tells Abby he wants to leave the past behind him, but last night something changed and it is all because of Abby. He isn’t scared as he sees the future together with the woman he loves; wanting that future to start now. He carries Abby upstairs to her room.

Y&R Spoilers Phyllis Apologies To Nick

Nick returns home as Phyllis immediately apologizes, wanting to do everything and anything to fix it. Nick tells her to come over and kiss him. He forgives her as she wonders about the change of heart. He knows she got caught up in the moment and didn’t mean to hurt anyone. He loves her honest, although it can be brutal. Meanwhile,

Nikki dumps all the alcohol down the sink.

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