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Young and the Restless Spoilers: Will Connor Wind Up With Serious Emotional Problems?

Connor Newman (Judah Mackey)

The Young and the Restless (Y&R) spoilers tease that Chelsea Lawson (Melissa Claire Egan) will soon find herself very concerned about her son Connor Newman (Judah Mackey). As Y&R viewers know, Connor has been through a lot lately. His father, Adam Newman (Mark Grossman) recently left Genoa City and left him behind. That was greatly upsetting to the little boy, as was all the confusion over his grandfather’s “death.”

Young & The Restless Spoilers – Connor Newman Is Upset By His Family

As Y&R viewers know, Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) recently faked his own death, which is ultimately what prompted Adam to leave town. Connor was seriously upset over Victor’s death ruse, and he didn’t appreciate being lied to by some of the key adults in his life. Lately he’s been angry and withdrawn, and he’s lashed out at his mother on several occasions.

Of course, Chelsea just wants what’s best for Connor, but she has no control over what Victor and Adam do, so she’s pretty much powerless to control what’s going on with Connor. And it doesn’t seem like things are getting any easier for Connor at all – in fact, they might only get harder for him if the kids at school start teasing him about Victor faking his death and all the Newman family drama.

Y&R Spoilers – Chelsea Newman Is Troubled By Her Son’s Behavior

Well, according to Y&R spoilers, Connor’s behavior may just start to spiral out of control. Chelsea will soon be troubled by her son’s behavior, which likely means that he’ll start acting out in inappropriate ways. Certainly, if he has anger and feels like he has no control over what’s going on in his life, he may act out as a way of expressing his feelings and coping with all the stress in his life.

And that leads us to wonder what’s going to happen with Connor next. This could be just a temporary situation with him, where he has some psychological difficulties for a while and then things bounce back to normal. That could happen, especially if Adam winds up returning to Genoa City and reconnecting with his son in good time.

Young & The Restless Spoilers – Will Connor Newman’s Problems Continue?

But it’s also possible that Connor’s behavioral problems will continue, even after Adam returns. It seems like TPTB at Y&R made a big point of showing just how great Adam and Connor’s relationship was before Adam announced he was leaving, but what if the relationship can’t be fully restored after Adam comes back?

It’s entirely likely that Adam will have difficulty reconnecting with his son after he returns. If that’s the case, them Adam and Chelsea may have to work closely together to help Connor get through this difficult patch. That could be tough, since one of the other key adults in Connor’s life – his uncle Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow) – can’t stand Adam. There could be friction between Adam, Chelsea, and Nick, which Connor might pick up on.

At any rate, it will be interesting for Y&R viewers to see what happens with Connor down the road and whether he’s able to recover from the anger and frustration he’s now feeling. Do you think that Connor could wind up with serious emotional problems?

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  1. Guest says

    As a character Connor already has complicated genetics, a father with serious insecurities and a vendictive streak, obviously from the male line of narsasist Victor. Let’s not forget his mother Chelsea con/criminal history from her mother’s line. So throw into the mix some lunatic attempting to kill his father with a cabin explosion (why is she not in jail!!!) And dear old fake his own death grandpa, who pathetically justifies all his evil doing in the name of love for family and what do we have poor Connor, Sharon will have to be a miracle worker or a magician to fix this kid. Great acting by the little guy though kudos.

  2. Felicea Dickson says

    I feel for Connor for a little kid he’s been threw a lot, with his step-father dying, finally getting to know his real father is Adam and then getting to know his grandfarther and finding out he was dead then wasn’t nd then his father he’s come to love left him alone is a lot for a kid. He does need someone to talk to and Sharon just might can help him

  3. Frances Shipley says

    Me too. In fact, from Victor to Adam, to Connor and eventually – Christian… the male line in this family reflects males who grew up not having normal relationships with their natural fathers. The fact is: blood does count, and so does the truth of the one’s parentage. Adopted children (who take after their natural parents, not adopters), in fact, often grow up struggling with their identities. Here’s a hard truth about this: New scientific study places adoptees in the USA as at 4 times higher risk for suicide! The mental health risks are enormous! Even if Adam is a total wash out as a father, Connor’s mental health is highly dependent on his relationship with his dad Adam! P.S. Love the little guy playing Connor. He shows great promise of growing up to be a fine actor! He’s doing a great job in his role as Connor!

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