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Young and the Restless (YR) Spoilers: Michael Muhney’s Social Media Absence Intriguing – Rehire Buzz Realistic

Young and the Restless (YR) Spoilers: Michael Muhney's Social Media Absence Intriguing – Rehire Buzz Realistic‘The Young and the Restless’ appears to be preparing for the next incarnation of Adam Newman (as most recently played by Justin Hartley). Whether the presumed dead character’s face will resemble a familiar one, meaning Michael Muhney, is a compelling question. With no confirmed information, rehire buzz regarding this actor remains realistic.

Muhney has maintained a personal connection with the public through his social media presence. Often times self-deprecating, the former Y&R actor has also offered serious statements regarding his exit from the show and heartfelt comments regarding his hopes of returning. In consideration of recent Adam recast news, his absence from Twitter for approximately the last month feels unusual.

Young And The Restless Spoilers – Will Michael Muhney Return?

Y&R would obviously want to maximize the surprise nature of Adam’s return, especially if Muhney has been hired, or will be hired to play him again. Many cloaked soap actor returns have often included radio silence in the weeks, or months leading into various reprisals.

So it would make sense for Muhney to be off social media during this time in order to avoid the awkwardness that would result. It must also be said that the actor has consistently demonstrated no animus toward his former employer and could be muting himself because no hiring decision has yet been made, or so as not to spoil the show’s plans out of deference, whether he’s returning, or not. Muhney could also be disengaged for reasons that have nothing to do with this casting development.

Muhney, or not, Y&R’s storyline for this specific character offers a challenge. Adam left looking like Hartley, who was said, after being introduced as the third adult Adam, to have had extensive facial surgery due to the vehicle crash that damaged his face in January 2014.

Young And The Restless Needs Adam Newman

As hardcore viewers recall, the 2009 switch from Engen to Muhney happened without plot somersaults. Muhney was announced as now playing the character and that was that. This time around, if he begins a second Y&R run, the 2016 cabin explosion established a similarity to Adam’s exit in 2014 and his apparent come back in 2019.

Y&R could revisit both past actor switch instances by saying that facial surgery was again needed, for whatever non-Hartley actor assumes this role, but not dwell on the matter. Muhney’s specific return would certainly overshadow the suspension of disbelief scenario that fans of escapist entertainment employ. And speculation about this issue will rightly continue until Y&R confirms what decision has been made.

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